Flask Mob

Hundreds of photographers and photo enthusiasts flooded the streets of Downtown Los Angeles on the night of Saturday, January 31st. Flask Mob, an underground photo event, gathers monthly in San Francisco and Los Angeles creating an unique experience using steel wool spinners, fireworks and smoke bombs.

The REBEL8 crew came out and helped ignite the energy of the crowd for this LA meet. In the midst of fire-breathing and general mayhem, masked topless models from media group The Plug LA, were captured by both amateur and renowned photographers (Van Styles, R8 Staff Photographer Kingston, etc.) alike. Images of this scene were captured from a news helicopter above and hit the airwaves incorrectly stating, "Police On Scene of Huge Protest." The large crowd regrettably dispersed after the LAPD showed up in full-riot gear.

The general consensus of all the photographers present is that this night was nothing short of awesome, and they hope Flask Mob continues next month. As do we.

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