Paso Robles

I spent last weekend up in Paso Robles as a wino. I won't bore you with terrific photos of even better vineyards, or tell you how much I prefer blended wines with meats. I guess I just did. Sorry. I stayed at a recently deceased grandma's house. I have no actual proof of this, but I bet her kids said fuck selling, let's put this shit on Airbnb and make some money.

The kitchen is the most time-telling room of a house. 

That MSG tho.

Never been a fan of electric stoves but they are pretty perfect for tortillas.

I regret not capturing the deep impressions in the dining room chairs. Well, if you look real close you can see 'em. Not even trying to act like a bitch right now, but it was literally painful to sit and eat around grandma's table.

I really sank into this couch watching action movies on the Spanish channel.

Old people give zero fucks about wires or wall-mounted flat screens. There is also a plant in the fireplace.

A VHS/DVD combo, a gigantic cable box, hella Yellow Pages on deck, a 2009 wine buying guide, National Geographics, and a jigsaw puzzle.

A book on how to be more Christian, a 2010 farmer's almanac, Patton: A Genius For War, the 2002 movie & video guide, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, a romance novel about a woman and her cosmetic company start-up, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and The New Testament.

I caught some killer Zzz here.

Good times!

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