Giant and I flew down to Australia specifically to speak at Vivid Sydney. But before our keynote, they wanted us to conduct an intimate master class on collaboration, art & business, credibility, and building a loyal fan base. I thank everyone who attended and I hope my stories and lessons not only inspired you, but help you grow your companies far beyond what I've built.

Killer conversations.

Giant put on a clinic and tied most of his words back to the ethos of graffiti.

I'm talking big, bitch. I'm talking big.

Moments before the sold out crowd took to their seats, I went over my notes as Giant did another interview.

Giant went first and gave the audience a complete personal history from birth to the beginnings of REBEL8 some 30 years later.

I simply told the story of REBEL8. It felt quite surreal to put 11 years of consistent hard work into a single 30-minute keynote speech. I am still completely humbled by all the amazing support I received that night and every day since I started my brand. Thank you so much for your time and for listening.

This is what 'sold out' means.

Afterwards, Deb Dot held down the merch booth.

With the young homie, Mike.

Giant signed a grip of autographs.


I like to think of my autographs as the periods on kool conversations that just went down. I love to engage fans and not only tell my story, but listen to theirs as well. REBEL8 has always been and still remains a personal passion project that you're a key part of.

Thank you to Nicole Reed for the amazing photos.

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