Back Into Battle Again

I had the honor of judging Taiwan's 5th tattoo convention. They presented this award to me on stage. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Hours earlier I meandered through the convention looking at tattoos and checking out artist portfolios. This artist's specialty is portraits. Top-left you have a near flawless tattoo of the great Jack Sparrow. And just below, an incredible piece of none other than the late humanitarian, Adolf Hitler. He sure did a fantastic job of capturing the hate in Hitler's eyes. [I really, really hope you get that I'm being extremely sarcastic here. But if you didn't get it, for the record, Hitler was the worst person ever.]

I said peace out to the tattoo convention and hit Kaohsiung's night market.


That lobster from another.

Swoll ass oysters.

Hard to get an accurate scale from my photo, but these ones are substantially larger than my fist.

Grill 'em all.

Duck head 'n things. Peep the blood bricks in the back.

Inners 'n winners.


Quail eggs.

Mouth trousers. Read the sign.

Pig knuckles.


Gigantic, bro.

These fools going hard in the paint.

Dat unrefrigerated half a fish do'.

Bamboo drank.

Time to wash it all down.


Happy Friday!

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