Went outchea to visit Sherry's dad Jack. This is where Sherry started Lula Apparel many years ago.

We came in hot.

Just Jack ruling.

The corner stores in Taipei are nothing less than amazing: WiFi, ATM, spoon & fork. Ok! The pedestrian crossing lights are also super sweet.  What an absurdly generous amount of time. And dat alien do'.

Went sky high at Taipei 101.

Super fast.

My bad, I meant super fastest.

Kool tourist.

That gold orchid tho.



Family first.



Dem bangs do'.

Peep the family on the left. I wonder how the conversation went down? 'You got your helmet, bae?' 'Yeah. You got yours bae?' 'Yup. Where's the baby's helmet, bae?' 'Fuck dat.' Now peep the couple in the middle. That dog runs shit. Bawse. Lastly, peep the two cops on the right. Zero fucks given about any of this. Only in Taiwan. 

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