Ambi Turner

I've never been an ambi turner. I can't turn left. So when I exit our lounge to the warehouse I see this...

And have to keep turning all the way right to eventually see this...

Went to check out 1982.

Big congrats to the homies Scott...

And Noah on their latest venture. 1982 is fucking amazeballs. I'm going to be very easy to find come this Summer.

And while I could easily blog about how delicious Wurstküche is, and how I typically prefer gator dick links over lamb nut franks, maybe the new shit is just photoing other people photoing their food. Boom! That was your delicious mind, being blown to tasty little bacon bits.

Hours later, still glued to this Metallica pinball game.

 But I still got love for you X-Men. Don't trip.

That Wolverine tho.

New High Score. What does that mean? Did I break it?

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