A couple of weeks ago I swung through a great shop called Backside in Burbank, CA.


They've been proudly carrying REBEL8 for a few years. I'm going to go on a tangent now, so please skip to the next photo if you hate learning. Back in '06 we produced a lot of socks in a domestic factory in National City. They were thick socks of the highest quality. If you're an OG REBEL8er you may still have a pair in your sock drawer today. Big thanks to Tribal Gear for putting us on to Vanari Knitting Mills. In '08 I think ownership changed and the factory shut down. Our sock game immediately crumbled and it honestly wasn't until last year that we started heavily producing socks again. So check it, years ago the owner of this domestic sock factory took all of his original machines over to the Philippines. And until 2013 it's been radio silence. I've now learned it took him a lot longer than expected to restaff and open up a new facility. So to make a long story short, a few of the socks you see in the photo below are from his new factory and made to the same exact high quality standards, on the very same machines, as our very first socks.

Wait what. Huf makes socks too? Really, Huf!? Weed socks? Good luck bro, but I doubt these will ever be popular or result in you becoming one of the biggest and most successful streetwear companies in the world.

Freddie Gibbs went live on Shade 45.

He's a kool dude.

Speaking of kool dudes. I met Kool Keith. He's super kool. And he's not the black dude in perfect focus.

Close your eyes and concentrate. Focus.

Dance the night away.

In Gotham City/Burbank?

Is it Friday yet!? I'm trying to get fucked up just right.

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