It Was All A Dream

I've been to Giant's parent's house in Albuquerque a handful of times. On each visit I stumble into Pete's barbershop located in the front of the single-story house Mike spent all of his teenage life, and I think, a few years prior.

Most parents are naturally proud of their kids and boldly display or flaunt their child's artwork and deem mere scribbles as masterpieces. And like most parents they stop putting their kids' art on the fridge when their little ones, well, stop being so little. At the LeSage's, the entire house is adorned with their son's work. The scribbles on the fridge now have a little more detail, but the artist has remain unchanged. Truthfully, most of the art on the walls today has been done within the past decade well-after Giant's popularity exploded. Unquestionably, the collection they have organically amassed over forty-plus years is ridiculous. And it don't stop.

A fully-operational barbershop with neon.

An exclusive print sprinkled with some originals.

If this wall could eBay...

Mas Gigante.

Think Skateboards brought Mike Giant to San Francisco in 1992. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

An original from Mike to his dad on his 58th birthday. Pete jokingly said, 'He must've did it in the driveway just before he rang the doorbell."

Years ago in Giant's Oakland studio. A terrific photo by Chris Woodcock.

The rest of these photos and illustrations I can guarantee you've never seen before.


Mardi Gras '86.


Cluster fuck.


Mike at the dentist.


High school Giant.

Mike's promo date/photo. Wold Wide Web, you are welcome!

We spent a couple more hours in the barbershop pointing at things, laughing at photos, telling stores and just having fun with the family. 

Back to the living room to decompress with the Kachinas. 

And then back out into the darkness.

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