Apartment 1G

If you've been reading my blog for a few years now, you've probably seen this place before. It's my grandma's apartment out in Gravesend, Brooklyn. To date, it remains literally the only thing in my life that hasn't changed or shifted even in the slightest. Just the smell alone when entering this dark, 1st floor 2-bedroom 1-bath apartment brings back countless memories and endless waves of emotions. 

See, I'm the first-born West coast in my entire family. I used to visit New York each and every Summer for most of my youth. Honestly, sometimes I'm not even sure if I was ever supposed to be a Californian. And while I got mad love for New York City, I don't think I'll ever move back East. But I'll always visit, consider it a second home, and carry a soft spot in my heart for the greatest city on Earth. 

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