Urban Camping

This past Saturday's sample sale was insane. I'm blown away by all your support. I can't believe how many people camped out in grimy ass Downtown LA to be one of the first in line. Next time, I'm catering lunch and dinner for all of you outdoorsmen!

But out of all the great people I met, one couple's story really struck me. This particular couple lives hours outside of Los Angeles, and planned on driving to a LA-neighboring city the night before to have a shorter commute to the sample sale in the early AM. However, while on the trip they saw my Instagram showing REBEL8ers already camping out. Without hesitation, they changed course immediately and drove directly to the closest Target, bought a tent, sleeping bags, and other camping gear, and then headed straight to the REBEL8 Compound to secure their place in line. There they joined a few dozen other adventurers and camped for their very first time. That's right, their first camping experience ever was a night in Downtown LA waiting for our doors to open. Now that's wild! And that's real dedication & support. 

The next time we open up will be for the launch of our LA pop-up shop. Stay tuned!

Here are a few photos thanks to our Graphic Designer Victor who spent his entire Saturday graciously helping out.

The newest REBEL8 lifer. Welcome.

And the latest Lady 8er.

Happy Monday!

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