Accounting 101

For the majority of the 10 years REBEL8 has been in business, I've single-handedly done everything but draw. It hasn't even been a year since I stopped shipping your orders! However, for quite some time I've recognized that in order for us to continue to grow, I must continue to further relinquish control. It hasn't been difficult for me to let go of roles and responsibilities just because I'm an OCD control freak. Factually, the reason why I haven't been able to let go until now is that I didn't recruit a highly-competent staff previously.

I didn't create a work environment that attracted professionals either. If I passed the ball of responsibility I knew I didn't have anyone to catch the accountability. Ultimately, if I didn't do the work myself, it just wouldn't get done. But let me be very clear here, I am forever thankful for all the staff that has come into REBEL8 over the years and helped make my brand what it is today. I have no regrets of the past decisions I've made with hiring, firing, or restructuring. But with that said, over time you live and learn and then learn some more. This constant addition of knowledge allows you to make better decisions faster and that includes, and definitely not limited to, hiring competent, passionate, workers.

I can proudly say, today everything in my world changed, again. For the first time in over a decade I am finally letting go of another role and taking off yet another hat. I am stoked to pass the torch to our new accountant.

Knock 'em dead, Michelle.

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