Have to finish up in the office before I head out to Colorado, so unfortunately this blog will be quite brief. I spent a lot of this past weekend thinking, reading books, and flipping through plenty of inspirational images in various publications. However your Saturday and Sunday played out, I hope it was enjoyable for you.

While I acknowledge that I have plenty of learning and growing up to do there are two things that I definitely need to fix that came to light in my readings over my 2-day break. Firstly, don't waste energy on things you can't control. That right there is a huge time waster! You can only control yourself, whether it be actions or thoughts. And unfortunately, I do waste plenty of time thinking about things I can't control. Even typing these very words, thoughts of situations that have yet to even happen consume my mind. Although I do wish to control more and specifically things I can't, I guess letting go is also a form of control that I need to learn to embrace. Ultimately, don't waste energy on things you can't control!

Secondly, whether good or bad, don't dwell on the past. I find myself reminiscing about the glory days when life was a lot simpler. Or I think about how if this or that went down differently years ago if I'd be in a better place today. Would I be happier? But all these useless thoughts are time wasters. It's once again better to spend the time you do have right now to make the life you want to have right now! Don't dwell on the past, it ain't gonna change. Ever.

Happy Monday!

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