I Bombed Yo Shit, Cop

Here are a few photos of Giant living out every graffiti artist's dream.

Twenty minutes after, the drips dried, and on Monday evening with wifey sitting shotty, I drove our bombed out cop car, as is, down to Long Beach. Aside from shocked citizens snapping photos, waving furiously, and honking horns, we were steady mobbing with no problems. But when I got on the 710, CHP surrounded us. I kept it moving, calm and composed. This wouldn't be my first time getting pulled over or if it so happened, fighting the law [through our legal system]. But after a few minutes into the tail, my wife gave a smile and a friendly nod, and as quick as they came, they vanished.

Getting the car back home is a whole other story that I'll save for another time. Thanks for allowing me to make my job fun as shit. Happy Friday! Fuck authority!


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