Lost & Found

While I physically got lost in Pioneertown the other day, I found a renewed sense of self and purpose.

The people who inhabit this seemingly inhabitable place may seem odd or downright crazy to us city folk, but I'm beginning to think they've got the right idea. The desert rules.

The deafening silence alone is heavy as fuck.

Asphalt absent.

Loaded up a couple of 4Runners and headed out further.


As the sun played a cruel game of hide and seek behind the mountains, resulting in double-digit temperature fluctuations, our comfortable window of daylight quickly shrank. With cell phone service a prayer, I had to rely on the last loaded map to navigate home.

After a few hours of being on the verge of complete meltdown off-road and deep in the valley, we made it to the corner of Mountain View Lane & Annie Oakley Road.

Home sweet home.

Now to build an epic desert fire, watch the flames twerk, and stuff my face full of BBQ.

Happy Friday!

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