San Francisco remains my most nostalgic city. I've lived in this 7x7 paradise for over three decades. I could be dropped on any corner in SF and easily tell you which way is North in milliseconds, or how to get anywhere else by foot, bike, car, or Muni. But most impressively I know what businesses existed previously in the same locations as ones that operate today.

I've left San Francisco earlier this year for a very good reason, and that was to allow REBEL8 to grow and flourish. I sacrificed my own personal comfort to give my business a chance to become everything it deserved to be. I have no regrets with my decision and have no less love for San Francisco, the Bay Area, or Northern California.

On my Xmas day visit to my mom's house I meandered into the garage to dig up some distant memories. I found some old collectibles like this 8-bit Nintendo game. I vividly remember it was many Christmas's ago when my dad bought me the entire Nintendo Entertainment System complete with two controllers, the gun, and the Power Pad. There is some old family video of me opening this gift that I thought about posting because it's incredible, but maybe some things should remain offline. 

Back in the day your mom would write your name on EVERYTHING.

Found a stack of zines from the HiFiArt days, and what I recall as an authentically-caught Will Clark baseball.

Years ago when clouds were clouds and cell phones only existed in the military, you had to use physical phone books. We also used pagers back then. There weren't many different area codes either. 415 por vida!

Went deeper into the Sunset to grab some coffee and catch up with a friend. These parklets are everywhere now in SF. This one in particular really suits the Outer Sunset location which is more-times-than-not encroached in deep fog. 

Hey I know that guy! His number is in my old phone book.

Hope you had a killer Xmas! Peace out City by the Bay. Until next time. 

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