Looking Back To Move Forward

Took a cruise with my friend Luke around the City and then out to the Marin Headlands.

I used to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge almost daily when I commuted from Sunset to College of Marin. Yes, I commuted to a community college. But my logic was that if I stayed in SF and went to City College, it'd literally be like me going into the 13th grade. After Marin, I never transferred to an academic four year school. I'm not stoked I never received a college diploma, but my path was different and I live with no regrets. Ultimately, I made the right choice for me. And to anyone that ever doubted me that reads this, hello!

So back in '98 I remember buying my first vehicle, with my own money. It was a navy blue, basic model, '95 Ford Ranger truck. I think it cost me around $6,000 and that pretty much cleared out all the money stacked from the shit jobs I did throughout high school. I loved it. But upon driving into the College of Marin student lot, and parking next to rich kid whips, I unfortunately felt uncertain about myself.

I struggled with jealousy issues over rich kids that didn't have to work. I used to be quite envious of their seemingly perfect, stress-free life. However for me, not working was not an option. So I used this energy of envy to grind and push harder than I could have ever imagined. I kept working, and by the next year I sold the truck and bought an '88 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with a super-charger and every other fucking thing you could imagine packed under the hood. It was a real, street legal, 12-second, sleeper with Pony's, clean ass gloss black paint and heavy tints. I spent the rest of my money on the sound system and after thousands of watts later, I was stuntin'. At 19 years old, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge now felt awesome. That was the moment I realized working hard can get me anything I want.

The most beautiful city in the world looks just as good from a far.



I ending up driving out further into the beauty of what defines our Northern California coastline.

But I definitely made it back to my friend Ethan's house in time to catch the Niners game.

Enjoy today and I'll see you tomorrow.

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