The Best Clothing Sample Sale

This past weekend we had our 3rd sample sale here in our Downtown Los Angeles warehouse. By far, this was the most crackin' and the best clothing sample sale ever. Rowell Marcos was first in line! He camped out for 26-hours before doors opened. He did receive a Mike Giant original for his hours of sitting patiently in the blazing sun. Hard work pays off. Congrats!

Open, open, open, opening.

I was the official greeting committee and personally thanked as many people as I could that camped out the night before.

Number one and me.

While sample tees were selling at $10 a pop, hugs were free.

All smiles.

Kellen Ellis of Bicycle Coffee was one of our sample sale vendors.

I don't drink coffee but I heard this brew is the shit.

Married folk.

Rad to consistently see new REBEL8 tattoos at every event we do.

The first 50 campers received a signed & numbered print.

Parking lot.

Signing REBEL8 x Vans.

Oh Hey, Mandee, and I.

Big thanks to the TITS Crew for coming through and hookin' up our parking lot wall.

Menace came through from the past/future with his LA Gear's and CyBoard.

The Big Lobo from The Lobos Truck.

Hubert's Lemonade.

Computer Jay.

Inside the machine.

The Game Over by Yeastie Boys Bagels.


All photos thanks to Mike Dravis.

See you next year!

The Barn

Giant converted this once-converted barn to garage to now art studio. Here are some photos of Mike Giant's current work space in Boulder, CO.

Jason Siegel collaborative works.

Bike parking.

Mercy For None.

Fucked up, just right. Suicidal Tendencies.

Paper & vinyl.

Mike Giant Tattoo Flash Sets 1-4, 5-8. First printing.

Hot For Teacher.

Fuck Van Hagar.

Michael LeSage.


Die or Skate.

Zumiez Couch Party, Boulder, Giant

I spent this past weekend in Colorado. I originally booked this trip for a Zumiez Couch Party at Flatiron Crossings Mall in Broomfield, CO. I'm sure Zumiez is working on the video of the event right now that I'll post another time. On a side note, big thanks to everyone that came thru!

As I said above, while the trip first began solely as a Zumiez marketing event, it turned into something much more meaningful. I'm sure you know by now Giant and I have been friends for over 15 years. And honestly, we don't see each other as often as you may think. This Saturday and Sunday felt like old times kicking it. Between REBEL8 talks, we conversed about life, health & happiness, girls, whips, personal goals, your typical bullshit, etc. It was exactly what I needed, and I think Mike would say the same thing. Just me and my big friendly Giant. Here are a few words and some photos.

Giant's pad is rad.

Mindful smoking.

One of Giant's many desks.

Backwoods and Jack Rudy.

LIving room.

Giant doesn't have a TV. We sat here one candle-lit night just listening to comedy CDs. For the record, Giant also doesn't have the internet.

He does however have many varieties of tea and drinks quite a few cups each day.

Bow and arrow and tea.

Giant's been practicing archery in the backyard. Yeah, he uses those Cinelli bicycling gloves just for this.

The last time I visited Boulder was last January. Giant's skill level has turned to deadly boss since then. Bullseye after bullseye. 


Dot's Diner is dope.

Giant always gets the 2-13 there.

That is real bacon.


Giant's been gathering lots of sticks recently.

He's building this outdoor teepee structure to have his morning tea and joints. He hopes to also host night time pow-wows with other like-minded individuals in Colorado.

Child's play.


Thanks Mike.


1st Party

Some industry folks ask me why I don't outsource our entire warehouse to a third party shipping facility. They say it's so much easier. Admittedly I love seeing the physical product come in and out like an ocean's tide. In a sort of way it makes me feel like I'm doing something real: creating a tangible product and not solely pushing paperwork.

But what is the true cost of "easy"? And are those savings of time, money, and energy if actual also worth losing control? I think the simple answer is no.

See what I can do that no outsourced company can is shoot from the hip and make quick decisions on the fly. For example, I can bump an order to the front or to the back if needed. I can also do kool shit like throw in extra free stickers in with every order today just cuz. Or randomly toss in an extra snapback. You are welcome order #16780! It's this type of control that allows me to effectively do my job better than most and allow my employees to take accountability and pride in their work.

Shop here. I think you'll be stoked. Happy Friday!

REBEL8 Warehouse

A Night To Remember

I went out to the Roxy in Hollywood last night to see my dudes from ADTR tear it up. It's still super rad to see them take the stage dipped in REBEL8. Photo credit: Marcial Meza. Spread the 8!

D2 Is Cumming

As our warehouse fills up once again for the next REBEL8 delivery, I broke out the office to hit a straight super cut to help direct our next lookbook. Spring '15 is heavily influenced by Los Angeles cinema and music culture. For Delivery Two, we go dark. When scouting locations for the D2 lookbook, there wasn't a more fitting location than an abandoned mall. This is the mall of the apocalypse. On 3/16 the latest & greatest REBEL8 drops online and everywhere else.


Shipwreck Trail

In 1961, the SS Dominator, a Greek freighter, ran ashore on the Palos Verdes Peninsula due to a navigational error while lost in fog. I thought it'd be kool to check it out and see what was left of the ship.

I love living on the edge of America.

This is what sand must look like to an ant.

Quite early into the hike I realized I must be going in the complete opposite direction of the shipwreck.

And truthfully, I never did find the SS Dominator. But I did find these perfectly posed Nikes.

A fallen king.

One Timberland.

The only appropriate place to ever wear flip flops is literally on the beach. Flip flops on the street, or up in a plane, is fucking gross. And for the record, these aren't mine either. Just another newly discovered treasure by yours truly.

Two hard balls between a harder place.

Buck shot.

Driftwood chair.


Scratch that. Dead seal. Total bummer.

You should be thankful you don't have smell-o-vision.

And be thankful you're alive! Happy Monday!

Flask Mob

Hundreds of photographers and photo enthusiasts flooded the streets of Downtown Los Angeles on the night of Saturday, January 31st. Flask Mob, an underground photo event, gathers monthly in San Francisco and Los Angeles creating an unique experience using steel wool spinners, fireworks and smoke bombs.

The REBEL8 crew came out and helped ignite the energy of the crowd for this LA meet. In the midst of fire-breathing and general mayhem, masked topless models from media group The Plug LA, were captured by both amateur and renowned photographers (Van Styles, R8 Staff Photographer Kingston, etc.) alike. Images of this scene were captured from a news helicopter above and hit the airwaves incorrectly stating, "Police On Scene of Huge Protest." The large crowd regrettably dispersed after the LAPD showed up in full-riot gear.

The general consensus of all the photographers present is that this night was nothing short of awesome, and they hope Flask Mob continues next month. As do we.


Solvang (Danish for "sunny fields") is a city in Santa Barbara County. Solvang was founded in 1911 by a group of Danes who traveled west to establish a Danish colony far from the midwestern winters. Smart.

The city is home to a number of bakeries, restaurants, and merchants offering a taste of Denmark in California.

They even got a little Atterdag Square.

Hamlet Square.

And an Ion Art Gift Shop.

The architecture of many of the facades and buildings reflects traditional Danish style.

This Dansk bageri was the tastiest.

You can freeze to keep for special occasions.

Or just eat fresh.



I've been to Copenhagen and I gotta say, Solvang is pretty dope. Happy Monday, y'all!

Ostrich Land

Went to go peep some ostriches out at Ostrich Land.

They are the only birds with two toes per foot that can propel them to sustained speeds of 35 mph with bursts to 45 mph.

Ostriches grow a foot per month until they reach 8 or 9 feet tall.

Ostriches have no teeth. They swallow pebbles to help grind the food in their gizzards.

Ostriches are the largest and fastest birds in the world and can weigh as much as 350 pounds and live up to 75 years.

Male ostriches are quite strategic in protecting their colonies. They will feign injury to lure predators away from chicks and females. They will fight when they have to and can kill with one kick. Not even a lion will prey on a healthy mature ostrich.

But these ostriches are not wild. Their meat however is still delicious, comparable to lean beef.

Fucking emu.

Avila Beach

Avila Beach is located about 160 miles northwest of Los Angeles, and about 200 miles south of San Francisco. It's a chill little beach town with a kool vibe.

Paso Robles

I spent last weekend up in Paso Robles as a wino. I won't bore you with terrific photos of even better vineyards, or tell you how much I prefer blended wines with meats. I guess I just did. Sorry. I stayed at a recently deceased grandma's house. I have no actual proof of this, but I bet her kids said fuck selling, let's put this shit on Airbnb and make some money.

The kitchen is the most time-telling room of a house. 

That MSG tho.

Never been a fan of electric stoves but they are pretty perfect for tortillas.

I regret not capturing the deep impressions in the dining room chairs. Well, if you look real close you can see 'em. Not even trying to act like a bitch right now, but it was literally painful to sit and eat around grandma's table.

I really sank into this couch watching action movies on the Spanish channel.

Old people give zero fucks about wires or wall-mounted flat screens. There is also a plant in the fireplace.

A VHS/DVD combo, a gigantic cable box, hella Yellow Pages on deck, a 2009 wine buying guide, National Geographics, and a jigsaw puzzle.

A book on how to be more Christian, a 2010 farmer's almanac, Patton: A Genius For War, the 2002 movie & video guide, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, a romance novel about a woman and her cosmetic company start-up, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and The New Testament.

I caught some killer Zzz here.

Good times!

Giant Rock

Drove out to Landers, CA to check out Giant Rock. Standing seven stories high and covering 5,800 square feet of ground, Giant Rock is the largest free standing boulder in the world.

And it's in the middle of nowhere.



Slayer Dan Love. Me too Dan, me too.

On another note, I still can't believe over 300,000 people don't know how to shit in the woods. And why the fuck is there even a 2nd revised edition? Have the rules of shitting in a hole changed since the dawn of man? I think a much more useful book would be titled, how to shit in traffic, or, how to produce a no-wiper.


The Integratron is a structure designed by ufologist and contactee George Van Tassel. Tassel claimed the Integratron to be capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel. I shut down the spot so we could check it out privately without any chances of stranger danger.


So many seating options.

I love succulents.

Hammock Village.


The Integratron.

Ground floor.

Stairway to alien heaven.

I guess this would be the water and soap of the sound bath.

Hella multi culti.

So did it work? I really can't tell you. I fell asleep.


If you follow me on Snapchat (joshyrebel8) you'd know that I spent last week in Yucca Valley with the REBEL8 creative team. Every 6-months I like to take my crew to a new spot for a week to break the monotony of the Monday-Friday grind. Last time we paid a visit to Giant out in Boulder, and before that we hit Albuquerque. I think in July I'll find us a dope beach house.




Come peep REBEL8 Fall 2015 - Agenda Show Booth J26. Hit for appointments and all REBEL8 Wholesale inquiries.


Spent last week in Sweden. Here are a few photos from Uppsala.

Giant Blackbook

International icon of black ink, artist Mike Giant incorporates a broad swathe of skills in the creation of a singular, unmistakable aesthetic. Giant's central practice, drawing, is informed by his training in architectural drafting, his illustrious career as a tattooist, and worldwide exploits of writing on walls. Here in his personalized journal, produced in association with Gingko Press, 108 pages of wide open blackbook potential is peppered with 10 spreads of Giant’s amazing hand scripts and drawings.

Additionally, two exclusive limited-run graphic tees of our favorite pages from the blackbook have also been produced.

All products are available to buy here.


We greatly appreciate your sincere responses and plan on using the information provided to make REBEL8 that much better. At the end of the survey you'll receive a discount code for Thanks for helping us out.

Please click this link to take our short survey:

Stay The Course

Collins & Elizabeth.

Australian for burger.

You better check yo self.

Wet paint.





Urban canopy.


Unknown. That arthritis tho.

We Care A Lot


It's casual.

We care a lot.


Shout out Evolve.

I'm talking to YOU.

Hella back stories.


Here are some photos I snapped in Melbourne, Australia.




Heaps of rocks.




Bad Decisions Make For Great Blogs

Sydney, Australia.



He told me this hat is counterfeit.


Giant graffiti.

Giant human.

After painting we hit the local tattoo shop.

You know a shop is legit when they got the LA Ink DVD playing. Yes, I tagged their wall.

And this man-thigh.

Time to say goodbye to my Sydney crib.

Floor 27.

Peace out, Sydney!

Hello, Melbourne.




Deb Dot.



Elinasay Ilesmay & Luke Shirlaw.

Leaders of the pack.



Met this kool dude at Beach Burrito Newtown.

A few months ago him and his mates bought a tattoo machine off eBay for $50. This is what happened.

Spread the 8!

Final Prayer

I went to check out REBEL8 stockist, Culture Kings Sydney. Shout out to Laura and the rest of the great staff there. But seriously. I really don't know why ugly ass shoes are so damn popular. I don't give a fuck if they were in one of the raddest movies either.

It was at Culture Kings that I met Dean.

Dean brought with him a shirt called Final Prayer that we released in our Spring/Summer 2005 collection. He purchased it from Digital Gravel and has been rocking it steady for almost a decade. Stoked is an understatement. This is real support and I'm very appreciative. Thanks Dean!

Blurry Sofles luh me.

Giant is addicted to Ut-spotting.

That commercial grade graffiti tho.

Westfield doing the most outchea.


Giant and I flew down to Australia specifically to speak at Vivid Sydney. But before our keynote, they wanted us to conduct an intimate master class on collaboration, art & business, credibility, and building a loyal fan base. I thank everyone who attended and I hope my stories and lessons not only inspired you, but help you grow your companies far beyond what I've built.

Killer conversations.

Giant put on a clinic and tied most of his words back to the ethos of graffiti.

I'm talking big, bitch. I'm talking big.

Moments before the sold out crowd took to their seats, I went over my notes as Giant did another interview.

Giant went first and gave the audience a complete personal history from birth to the beginnings of REBEL8 some 30 years later.

I simply told the story of REBEL8. It felt quite surreal to put 11 years of consistent hard work into a single 30-minute keynote speech. I am still completely humbled by all the amazing support I received that night and every day since I started my brand. Thank you so much for your time and for listening.

This is what 'sold out' means.

Afterwards, Deb Dot held down the merch booth.

With the young homie, Mike.

Giant signed a grip of autographs.


I like to think of my autographs as the periods on kool conversations that just went down. I love to engage fans and not only tell my story, but listen to theirs as well. REBEL8 has always been and still remains a personal passion project that you're a key part of.

Thank you to Nicole Reed for the amazing photos.

The Tinderella Backstory


Eat my jacket.




One of the best sandwiches on Earth [not from Taco Mafia].

Sofles stuntin'.

Giant fill.




The Tinderella Backstory is real.

Sydney 2014.


Hella gadgets en route to Bondi.

Bondi Beach is beautiful.


These fools.

No [Sofles] butts on the beach please.

Pug Life.

That ripped ass man-angel tho.

Off the wall.

Best skate park location ever.

Rockin' Authentics.


Hit up Beach Burrito and drank a few cold ones.

Ate a bomb pork pibil burrito.

They even had my favorite hot sauce!

And my favorite videographer, Selina Miles.

Cherie was in the building.

And the homie Sofles is always in the place to be.

Inception shit.

Happy Friday!

Damnit Zammit

Eddie Zammit is the happiest motherfucker you'll ever meet. Big thanks to him for all his help on this Australia tour.

That boa Sydney Opera House tho.

Damnit, Deb, Gigante, Mike.

2Pak back, 2Pack back.

Say what!?

Monster Children

"Doing it for the kids".

Thank you little top-window on the Defender.



Giant inking the walls of Monster Children's new HQ.

Le video.


As Giant worked, Lucille monster and I rolled spliffs and consumed alcoholic beverages.

30-minutes in.

I see you, Focker.

Final stages.


Campbell children.

Rebel Giant.

Beats, Rhymes and Light

Street Beat DJ'z.

Vivid Sydney.

Sickest light show I've ever witnessed.

Udon Giant.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

Lick-Her In Sydney






Kool building.



I love Vittoria and her cappapino's.

Giant vegetarian.

Apple [bottom] taxis.

Starship Sydney.

Stuntin In Sydney

I'm hiding out in Sydney, Australia.

So is Lauryn Hill.

And this Giant.

Been wanting to visit Australia now for years. Feels incredible to finally be here!

Opera is the future.

#1 Stunna.

I'm back blogging. Hope you've missed me. I sure as shit been thinking bout you.

Summer '14 Lookbook

"The new REBEL8 lookbook makes us wish Summer would come sooner. These energetic images capture some vibrant color palettes and interesting graphics, which are perfect to integrate into your wardrobe for the warmer months. An array of items ranging from socks to tie-dye tops and caps will ensure a complete ensemble that is also functional for disparate conditions. Furthermore, founder Joshy D. and legendary artist Mike Giant remain true to their core, drawing original influences from the graffiti culture to incorporate into this tropical themed arrangement." -Hypebeast

Photography: Dylan Bartolini-Volk

Summer '14 drops online Friday.

Kills Love Slow


LA Pizza.

Faith & Trust Pharmacy. We have faith and can be trusted. Amazing.

These kids were kool.


That Ed Hardy tho.

That Ed Hardy store tho.

Dat Ed Hardy promo at da club do'.


Peace out Taiwan! Thanks for everything.


Venus has a way better secret than Victoria.

Fence is totally necessary. 


Hella infringements.


Dat coochie string do'. I gotta say, I've seen plenty of panties, and I doubt any chick wants the string in the front.

7-Eleven, you nasty.

Oh! My girl.

I's One. You's Two. We's Three. They Four.




Cash City

Different hood, same [Taipei] city.


So nice.

Girl, you gotta get dat shit augmented.

That laser vaginal tightening tho.

In America, when you make your employees act like jackasses in public and film it, you get shot. Dude's shirt on the right rules tho. Fuck.





Pretty kool.

I love the cheetah print Playboy doormat at this kid's boutique. Mommy says wipe your feet before entering, you future little slut.


Pocket-size delivery.

I've always performed the perfume dance, but never ate it. There is a God.

[Insert emoji icon of that brunette girl in pink doing that sassy little thing with her hand].

Happy Monday!

Back Into Battle Again

I had the honor of judging Taiwan's 5th tattoo convention. They presented this award to me on stage. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Hours earlier I meandered through the convention looking at tattoos and checking out artist portfolios. This artist's specialty is portraits. Top-left you have a near flawless tattoo of the great Jack Sparrow. And just below, an incredible piece of none other than the late humanitarian, Adolf Hitler. He sure did a fantastic job of capturing the hate in Hitler's eyes. [I really, really hope you get that I'm being extremely sarcastic here. But if you didn't get it, for the record, Hitler was the worst person ever.]

I said peace out to the tattoo convention and hit Kaohsiung's night market.


That lobster from another.

Swoll ass oysters.

Hard to get an accurate scale from my photo, but these ones are substantially larger than my fist.

Grill 'em all.

Duck head 'n things. Peep the blood bricks in the back.

Inners 'n winners.


Quail eggs.

Mouth trousers. Read the sign.

Pig knuckles.


Gigantic, bro.

These fools going hard in the paint.

Dat unrefrigerated half a fish do'.

Bamboo drank.

Time to wash it all down.


Happy Friday!


In continuing my exploration of Kaohsiung, I stumbled upon this art walk.

Dick face.

This is art.

Dude looks stoked to mop monster cum.


This way.

'N sync.

Kool bar.

Gone fishing.



Really feeling these photographs.

Will Smith.


More than meets the eye.

This reminds me of Haight Street.


Please do not climbing.

Another dope shot.

That juicy & fun hamburger from Pasadena tho.


Got off the train in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and hopped into this cab driven by the multi-tasking champion of the world.

Karaoke anyone?

Faux-walnut tissue box on the ceiling like what.

Swung through the tattoo convention to peep the REBEL8 booth.

Warehouse of seizures.

Stupid ice tea.

Dogs fuck pigs. Only in Taiwan.

Can't trust it.

Just a like a mama used to a make.

Killer selection.

At fair prices.




That Top Gun taxi tho.


Went outchea to visit Sherry's dad Jack. This is where Sherry started Lula Apparel many years ago.

We came in hot.

Just Jack ruling.

The corner stores in Taipei are nothing less than amazing: WiFi, ATM, spoon & fork. Ok! The pedestrian crossing lights are also super sweet.  What an absurdly generous amount of time. And dat alien do'.

Went sky high at Taipei 101.

Super fast.

My bad, I meant super fastest.

Kool tourist.

That gold orchid tho.



Family first.



Dem bangs do'.

Peep the family on the left. I wonder how the conversation went down? 'You got your helmet, bae?' 'Yeah. You got yours bae?' 'Yup. Where's the baby's helmet, bae?' 'Fuck dat.' Now peep the couple in the middle. That dog runs shit. Bawse. Lastly, peep the two cops on the right. Zero fucks given about any of this. Only in Taiwan. 


Met this dude next door to the tattoo shop and signed his hat.

Also tagged his arm. Can't believe he got my autograph tattooed.

REBEL8 por vida!

And I guess Joshy too.

Afterwards, I hit up the bomb hot pot spot.

With this kool fucker, owner of Fliper Mag.


Took a stroll around the hood checking out more authorized REBEL8 dealers.

Get some.

Shout out to Steel.

Back to the hotel for second.

Then the Starbucks.

Now what? Happy Monday!


We teamed up with Gallery 1988's traveling art show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. Next stop on the tour is Los Angeles! Come kick it on May 17th at 7308 Melrose Ave. The official REBEL8 x Ghostbusters collab tee is now available in our online shop.

Shout out to Kingston Photography for the amazing photos. And a huge shout out to Mike from Pierce The Veil for taking gallons of slime for the team.


They call me the wanderer.

That little lion tho.

I love neon.

Stumbled into this tattoo shop and this was going down. 

Killer fan art.

Next door I had a signing and I couldn't stop laughing at what people were asking me to sign. Like this polaroid.

Or this Casper doll.

Yes, David. That way. I guess signing snapbacks isn't really that random. I ended up scribbling Joshy on a few hundred out here in Taiwan. I just liked how specific David was. In fact, I greatly appreciated it because every time I was handed a snapback and a marker I would ask which way they wanted me to write Joshy.

I finally got a chance to try stinky tofu.

It's no joke. And insanely popular.

Hold up. That Birkenstock sale tho.

Zero fucks given.

The frying oil did absolutely nothing to mask the rancid stench.

Stinky [tofu] toppings.

I'm going in.

It's an acquired taste I have yet to acquire.

But Baby Lisa and Vanson love it.

Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple, pineapple, pineapple, pineapple, what the fuck is you?

Happy Friday!


Don't take picture.

Kool habitat.

Kool restaurant?


Most cultures have some fucked recipe for virility. In Taiwan they got snake blood.

And snake soup.

Tastes like chicken.

But for those times you wanna talk about your dick like it ain't even yours, you take this and convincingly say to the girl you just paid, "damn girl, look how big that thing is."



Heroes in a half shell.


Smile! I'm on camera.

Pray For Me

Visited this temple.

Middle of the afternoon on a weekday.

Hella offerings.

Terrific arrangements.

This particular table was for giving thanks to the baby god.

After temple, headed over to the closest street market to try some bizarre foods. Like coagulated blood on a stick dipped in crushed peanuts.

That Supreme tee tho.

This is the process of opening the larger sausage to then insert a smaller one. Two-for-one.

When in doubt, wrap it in a banana leaf.

Chicken 'n things.

Fried duck face and feet.


These franks were damn tasty.

This booth reeked of dried seafood.

And so did this one.

Time to keep exploring.

Happy Monday!

Summer '14 Preview

Photographer Adam Rindy and model Honor Hamilton set off to the desert last week to shoot our Summer '14 preview. Here is the first look at REBEL8 Summer '14.

Money Trees

The perfect place for shade.

RIP Tie.

Gnar bar.

Mission Impossible.


Not 18.

This is a restaurant where all dishes are served in a toilet bowl. Not joshing.


Shout out to Dyse One and the Tribal Clique.

My humble abode.

Uh-huh, suicide.


Thug life.

Oh thank heaven.

Cheese Girl

Bob is my driver today.


Place of bidness.



Pop-up shop.


Flack Blag.

Popular items.


My photographer, Jun.

Little skate spot right by the hotel.

Big bag take little bag.

I love me a Cheese Girl. And Philly cheesesteak.


Super helpful menu.

As Nasty As They Wanna Be

Went out to Taiwan to kick it with our Asia sales agency Lula Apparel. They are currently moving into their new Taipei offices. We've been with Lula since '06 and together we've both grown steadily. Today we are their biggest account and fittingly, they're ours too.

Vanson and Baby Lisa's desks.


Conference room.

Asia limited.

Sneak peek of the next issue of Fliper. REBEL8 is the cover story.

And I'm stuntin' on the inside cover.


Serenity below.

As nasty as they wanna be.


Hella scooters and two bikes with shocks.

Time Out

Taking a few days off from blogging. I leave for Taiwan shortly. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos of my next trip. In the mean time, please make sure you're following me on Instagram. And peep Giant's blog which is now a curated Tumblr feed of that good.

Back Then

Ten years ago today, almost to the very hour, I received a phone call from this chick I hit on Craigslist about an available studio apartment in SF. I vividly remember hearing my Nokia ring and putting down my paint brush. Remember, this was 2004 and for the first couple of years of REBEL8 I had hella jobs. On this particular day I was a painter. She said the apartment was still available and to come check it out. Rent was just $695 a month! And for the first time I'd finally have my own apartment. I went from Lower all the way to Divis in seconds. Here are a few photos of 833 Divisadero before I moved in that I've never posted or shown anyone until now. Thank you 833. I'll never forget you.

Tattoo Girl

Next week I'll be in Taiwan promoting our Taipei pop-up shop, releasing our limited distribution "Tattoo Girl" t-shirt, doing a grip of interviews, visiting REBEL8 stockists, judging a tattoo convention, sightseeing and eating new foods, and documenting it all on this blog, the REBEL8 Instagram, and my new personal one, joshyrebel8. I greatly look forward to meeting all of you!

Me and Giant.

The original REBEL8.

Circa '98

Dave Kinsey came through the REBEL8 compound to sign some posters with Giant. "Circa '98" marks their 4th collaboration and revisits their classic pen and ink style. For $120, you can pre-order now at

Ambi Turner

I've never been an ambi turner. I can't turn left. So when I exit our lounge to the warehouse I see this...

And have to keep turning all the way right to eventually see this...

Went to check out 1982.

Big congrats to the homies Scott...

And Noah on their latest venture. 1982 is fucking amazeballs. I'm going to be very easy to find come this Summer.

And while I could easily blog about how delicious Wurstküche is, and how I typically prefer gator dick links over lamb nut franks, maybe the new shit is just photoing other people photoing their food. Boom! That was your delicious mind, being blown to tasty little bacon bits.

Hours later, still glued to this Metallica pinball game.

 But I still got love for you X-Men. Don't trip.

That Wolverine tho.

New High Score. What does that mean? Did I break it?


A couple of weeks ago I swung through a great shop called Backside in Burbank, CA.


They've been proudly carrying REBEL8 for a few years. I'm going to go on a tangent now, so please skip to the next photo if you hate learning. Back in '06 we produced a lot of socks in a domestic factory in National City. They were thick socks of the highest quality. If you're an OG REBEL8er you may still have a pair in your sock drawer today. Big thanks to Tribal Gear for putting us on to Vanari Knitting Mills. In '08 I think ownership changed and the factory shut down. Our sock game immediately crumbled and it honestly wasn't until last year that we started heavily producing socks again. So check it, years ago the owner of this domestic sock factory took all of his original machines over to the Philippines. And until 2013 it's been radio silence. I've now learned it took him a lot longer than expected to restaff and open up a new facility. So to make a long story short, a few of the socks you see in the photo below are from his new factory and made to the same exact high quality standards, on the very same machines, as our very first socks.

Wait what. Huf makes socks too? Really, Huf!? Weed socks? Good luck bro, but I doubt these will ever be popular or result in you becoming one of the biggest and most successful streetwear companies in the world.

Freddie Gibbs went live on Shade 45.

He's a kool dude.

Speaking of kool dudes. I met Kool Keith. He's super kool. And he's not the black dude in perfect focus.

Close your eyes and concentrate. Focus.

Dance the night away.

In Gotham City/Burbank?

Is it Friday yet!? I'm trying to get fucked up just right.

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

Damn near killed someone swerving off the road the moment my eyes saw Ecto-1.


Thought it would be rude to not photo Ecto-1's neighbor.

It Was All A Dream

I've been to Giant's parent's house in Albuquerque a handful of times. On each visit I stumble into Pete's barbershop located in the front of the single-story house Mike spent all of his teenage life, and I think, a few years prior.

Most parents are naturally proud of their kids and boldly display or flaunt their child's artwork and deem mere scribbles as masterpieces. And like most parents they stop putting their kids' art on the fridge when their little ones, well, stop being so little. At the LeSage's, the entire house is adorned with their son's work. The scribbles on the fridge now have a little more detail, but the artist has remain unchanged. Truthfully, most of the art on the walls today has been done within the past decade well-after Giant's popularity exploded. Unquestionably, the collection they have organically amassed over forty-plus years is ridiculous. And it don't stop.

A fully-operational barbershop with neon.

An exclusive print sprinkled with some originals.

If this wall could eBay...

Mas Gigante.

Think Skateboards brought Mike Giant to San Francisco in 1992. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

An original from Mike to his dad on his 58th birthday. Pete jokingly said, 'He must've did it in the driveway just before he rang the doorbell."

Years ago in Giant's Oakland studio. A terrific photo by Chris Woodcock.

The rest of these photos and illustrations I can guarantee you've never seen before.


Mardi Gras '86.


Cluster fuck.


Mike at the dentist.


High school Giant.

Mike's promo date/photo. Wold Wide Web, you are welcome!

We spent a couple more hours in the barbershop pointing at things, laughing at photos, telling stores and just having fun with the family. 

Back to the living room to decompress with the Kachinas. 

And then back out into the darkness.

I Can Fill That Empty Feeling

Clean plate club.

That leather dick tho.


Very nice.

Street art.

Obese seductions.

Public parks rule.

The McDuffie Park Little Library. Duh.

Los LeSages.

Los Lovers.


I meant tiburon. Lo ciento.

"Living legend".


 Los Cuates.


Santa Fe

This reminds me of our Real Recognize Real graphic.

That gun-knife tho.

Mall rat.



Giant walking.

Me and MG.

We ride Chevy.

Mmm burger.

Spring '14 Lookbook

Spring '14 exhibits a selection of tees, hoodies and pullovers emblazoned with REBEL8’s signature script and logo. Denim jackets draw inspiration from vintage motorcycle apparel and button-up shirts see updated “zeus” prints. Flannel shirts and khaki pants are a reoccurring staple, while trademark headwear designs further the label’s gritty aesthetics. Styled over a backdrop made up of Mike Giant‘s hand-illustrated tattoo flash, the lookbook reinforces REBEL8’s bold, graphic-heavy designs in streetwear. Click here to see larger images. Click here to shop Spring '14 in our online store.

Shidoni: Final Round

No entry.

Think quality. I love this phrase.

Turnt off.



The first step of the lost wax bronze casting process begins with an original sculpture. This is usually created from wax or clay, though other materials can be used as well.

Good housekeeping.

These rubber molds are used to form wax figures.

Molten wax is poured into the rubber mold, producing a perfect copy of the original sculpture.




Happy Friday!

Shidoni: Round Two

I observed a recent pouring back at the Shidoni Foundry. This is only one part (there are 10) of the lost wax bronze casting process. The below photos are from step 7, when the ceramic shell is removed from the kiln and molten bronze is immediately poured at a temperature of 2100-degrees Fahrenheit. Bronze is actually an alloy of 94% copper, 1% manganese, 4% silicon, .02% lead, .02% tin, and .06% zinc.

Shidoni: Round One

Mike Giant.

Combinación de La Choza.

Thik as thiev.


Shidoni sculpture garden.

Rust-percent milk.

Bronze anime.

Blurred lines.

Expensive piece.


Museum Of International Folk Art

Checked out an enormous exhibit of miniature exhibits.

Dos sistas.

Every time I see a mask I think of the movie Eyes Wide Shut.

Time flies.

Teddy Ruxpin?

Los Jews.

Super fresh Japanese kite exhibit. Tako kichi!

Carp are a symbol of strength, tenacity, and courage.

A popular kite-type is the yakko-dako. This kite takes the form of a man, whose disposition is typically stern, if not browbeating. Yakko were footmen who served the samurai. Their lasting impression was that of a bully, pushing "commoners" out of the way or otherwise displacing them as the samurai came through an area.

Sick wid it.

Ta Ta Tuesday.


Began the day at Owl Cafe.

With some bomb ass chorizo.

Then we got back on the road.

Out to Madrid. Check out this railcar crib.




Rarin' to go.


Maggie May's.

Two for fives.

On that lean.


Snail mail.


Giant convict.

Back on the road.

Happy Monday!


Woke up and headed over to The Range Cafe for breakfast.

Then back to the hotel to gather promotional materials.


Giant broke up some of the Devil's lettuce.

Office space.

Finished signing all the posters.

Then we went up 10,378 square feet above sea level to Sandia Peak. You are looking at one of the longest clear spans in the world.

Please do not climb or sit on railings.


This tram sees 250,000 passengers per year.

Tree graffiti.



Sandia Park CCC 1936.


Giant looking out over Duke City.



Sandia Peak Ski.

Sandia Peak Tramway was manufactured by Bell Engineering of Lucerne, Switzerland and constsructed between 1964-1966 at a cost of 2 million dollars. Five thousand helicopter trips were made during construction of Tower 2 and the cable installation.

[Insert wind here].

Hold fast.

Back to life.

Back to reality.

Back down to 6,559 feet.

And off to dinner at India Kitchen.

Happy Friday!

Papa Pete's

Kicking it in the hotel room watching Giant sign posters.

He made a 100 of them.

Exclusively for our Burque familia.

Then off to dinner with the folks at Papa Felipe's. I inhaled the Navajo fry bread.

Giant took out a few sopaipillas.

Pete was parking lot pimping.

No doubt.

See ya manana.

Road To Acoma

The Acoma have continuously occupied this area for more than 800 years, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States. Acoma tribal traditions estimate that they have lived in the village for more than two thousand years. Awesome.


The first stop in Burque has to be Frontier Restaurant; a local staple in the Albuquerque community since 1971.

It's always a different restaurant, but the same [waiting] game.

This shit right here.

Green on the outside.

Green on the inside.

Believe it or not.

Second stop was the barber shop.

Giant was leaning towards a number 13/18 fusion.

I chose differently. That number 27 tho.

Mike's dad Pete has been a barber since the beginnings of last century. He used to cut air at the local air force base, but now runs his own shop and additionally caters to to civilians.

Fadable yet unfuckwitable.

With our stomachs full and our hair cut short, we headed out.

Smell ya later.

Burque Bound

On the road to Albuquerque. Won't be blogging again until next week. Catch me on Twitter and Instagram.


Asia Limited

On April 16, I land in Taiwan. Excited is an understatement. Can't wait to spread that 8!

Cats And Dogs

I've only heard about water coming from the skies in lands far, far away. But I can report, it [seldom] rains in LA.

Forever In Our Hearts

When I first started REBEL8 I didn't want to create a business that was personal to me. I was originally looking to create a company that I could remain emotionally disconnected from and focus solely on its financial objectives. However quite early on, not even 365-days in, things changed; I got emotionally invested, personally connected, and incredibly dedicated to REBEL8. And after almost 11 years now since this REBEL8 thing began, I'm more comfortable around you than some friends I've known for my entire life. So after careful thought I decided to blog these very personal photos and stories. Because after all, my REBEL8 family, is my family.

About 4 months ago on my Instagram I posted the below photo with these words:

"Super sad to walk the very boardwalk I did countless times as a kid without her. For the passed few years my grandma has become less and less talkative. Our last conversations, before she was hospitalized, would just be her asking how's my health, how's business, and after I replied great two times, she'd end with an I love you. Unfortunately, now she doesn't really speak, at all. So in the nursing home I held her hand, told her I loved her, said I was healthy, and said business was great. She didn't say a thing. But she slowly lifted my hand to her mouth, kissed it three times and just stared at me. Tears filled my eyes, but I refused to let them fall down to my cheeks. I don't know what is or isn't going through her mind, nor do the doctors. I just knew at that moment I wanted to be strong for her. Today was rough."

What I didn't say previously, that I'll now add is that once I left her room, I slowly walked down the long stretch of hallway. I shakily pressed the call-bottom on the elevator, and then without sound, sadly waited. When the bell chimed suddenly and the doors opened, I couldn't take a step forward. I froze up. In what I can only describe as an explosion of emotion, I sprinted all the way back to her room, grabbed her hands, kissed her on her forward and told her, "I love you. I'll never forget you. I love you. I'll never forget you. I love you. I'll never forget you." Needless to say, upon leaving her room for the second time, I wept.

I'm glad I did go back, because those were the last words I ever spoke to my grandma. I can only hope those were the last words she'd have wanted me to tell her. 

I never met my grandpa, George Shapiro. He died years before I was born. Like my grandma he was born on the Lower East Side into a large immigrant family before moving to Brooklyn in the 1940s to start one of his own. He was a bus driver, then a taxi cab driver, and finally a bartender. He never made a lot of money and barely made enough, but he did his best to provide for his family. And while the Shapiro's would move from apartment to apartment after getting pushed out due to rent increases (yeah, displacement of poor people is nothing new), they still made time to vacation on Coney Island. George's last home was Apartment 1G.

I spent a few hours last night going through old black & white photos with my mom. In not a single photo is he not smiling or looking like life is anything less than absolutely perfect. Ultimately George was a simple, hardworking, loving husband and nurturing father. I only wish I could have gotten a chance to know him myself.

This was actually the first time I've ever been to his grave. It really tripped me out that the day I met him, was also the day I buried my grandma. RIP George. Rest in peace Jean. You two are finally back together and will forever live in my heart.

Thanks for reading.

Apartment 1G

If you've been reading my blog for a few years now, you've probably seen this place before. It's my grandma's apartment out in Gravesend, Brooklyn. To date, it remains literally the only thing in my life that hasn't changed or shifted even in the slightest. Just the smell alone when entering this dark, 1st floor 2-bedroom 1-bath apartment brings back countless memories and endless waves of emotions. 

See, I'm the first-born West coast in my entire family. I used to visit New York each and every Summer for most of my youth. Honestly, sometimes I'm not even sure if I was ever supposed to be a Californian. And while I got mad love for New York City, I don't think I'll ever move back East. But I'll always visit, consider it a second home, and carry a soft spot in my heart for the greatest city on Earth. 


Giant gave the oversized sliding wood door to our Creative Department some love.


Don't sweat the technique.


Mission Complete

The entire 1st delivery of our Spring 2014 collection is now complete and immediately available in our online shop. Here are a few highlighted products

Adios, Guatemala

I'll miss you Lake Atitlan.

Long walks off short piers.


If you take CA-1 South for a few days, you'll end up here.

Driving through the Guatemala release of the 1984 video game Paperboy.


Old faithful.

One-side of the Antigua town square.

Back to the shadows I retreat.

See ya later Guatemala. Thank you!

Santiago Atitlan

Man in boat reading.

Man with camera creeping.

Lake water rising.

High tide.

Extremely high tide.

Call me picky, but I prefer dirty rooms with no view, public baths with cold water and no parking available.

Jaw-droppingly hyper-realistic diorama.

El Gallo.

La comida.

Free range.


Birds de Bic.

I'm told there's a beautiful volcano just on the other side of these power lines.

Black sea bass.

Just because you draw a big H with chalk doesn't mean a helicopter is gonna land there.



Turn your smell-o-vision off now.

Peace out Santiago Atitlan!


San Juan La Laguna

Drowning artists.

Gone fishing.

Kings of the parking lot.


Cotton queen.

It's like mad different methods to the way I do my [building] shit.

The school of proper hyphenation is two doors down.

My kick game is World Cup.



This is love that you're feeling.

Ack right.

My other-other-other Benz.

Tough decisions.


El Badass.

Titanic. Really?

Later San Juan La Laguna.


Lake Atitlan.

Today's one-of-three modes of transportation.

Shit wig.

Sky cracks.




Guats up dock?


Captain Stabbin.

Location, location, location.

Joe Versus the...

I love Guatemala.


First things first, must eat [street] food.

Pupusa de calle.


Sucka Free.

Tut tut XL.

Exotic materials used throughout the interior.


Stiletto killers.


My block.


Guats Up

Outchea in Guatemala.

Recently learned there are almost 3,000 types of palm trees. I've never met a palm I don't like.

The hotel I'm staying at is pretty kool.

Mandatory bird bath.


Crucial conflict.

Old style filter.


Sarcasm beats killing people.


Business Man's Cut

My friend Trent came through The Compound to cut my hairs. I'm feeling good now. Ready to tattoo my passport again.

Tools of the trade.

I won't be blogging for the rest of the week as I'm going international sans laptop. See y'all Monday!

Urban Camping

This past Saturday's sample sale was insane. I'm blown away by all your support. I can't believe how many people camped out in grimy ass Downtown LA to be one of the first in line. Next time, I'm catering lunch and dinner for all of you outdoorsmen!

But out of all the great people I met, one couple's story really struck me. This particular couple lives hours outside of Los Angeles, and planned on driving to a LA-neighboring city the night before to have a shorter commute to the sample sale in the early AM. However, while on the trip they saw my Instagram showing REBEL8ers already camping out. Without hesitation, they changed course immediately and drove directly to the closest Target, bought a tent, sleeping bags, and other camping gear, and then headed straight to the REBEL8 Compound to secure their place in line. There they joined a few dozen other adventurers and camped for their very first time. That's right, their first camping experience ever was a night in Downtown LA waiting for our doors to open. Now that's wild! And that's real dedication & support. 

The next time we open up will be for the launch of our LA pop-up shop. Stay tuned!

Here are a few photos thanks to our Graphic Designer Victor who spent his entire Saturday graciously helping out.

The newest REBEL8 lifer. Welcome.

And the latest Lady 8er.

Happy Monday!

Spring '14

Santa Monica

Been feeling pretty landlocked these past weeks. I work in Downtown, live within a 30-minute drive from the R8 Compound, and all that just means is that I'm always a kool hour away from the ocean.

LA is enormous and I have gone months already without seeing a single drop of water outside my shower. Back in SF, I really took being surrounded by water for granted. And although I didn't frequent any beaches in San Francisco, just knowing they were so close was comforting enough.

This past weekend I had to escape to where the water is. Santa Monica is insanely beautiful. I could see myself living here.

Ain't Gon' Do

I'm not going to blog today. Have an incredible weekend. See you Monday! And hopefully in person on the 8th!

Accounting 101

For the majority of the 10 years REBEL8 has been in business, I've single-handedly done everything but draw. It hasn't even been a year since I stopped shipping your orders! However, for quite some time I've recognized that in order for us to continue to grow, I must continue to further relinquish control. It hasn't been difficult for me to let go of roles and responsibilities just because I'm an OCD control freak. Factually, the reason why I haven't been able to let go until now is that I didn't recruit a highly-competent staff previously.

I didn't create a work environment that attracted professionals either. If I passed the ball of responsibility I knew I didn't have anyone to catch the accountability. Ultimately, if I didn't do the work myself, it just wouldn't get done. But let me be very clear here, I am forever thankful for all the staff that has come into REBEL8 over the years and helped make my brand what it is today. I have no regrets of the past decisions I've made with hiring, firing, or restructuring. But with that said, over time you live and learn and then learn some more. This constant addition of knowledge allows you to make better decisions faster and that includes, and definitely not limited to, hiring competent, passionate, workers.

I can proudly say, today everything in my world changed, again. For the first time in over a decade I am finally letting go of another role and taking off yet another hat. I am stoked to pass the torch to our new accountant.

Knock 'em dead, Michelle.


Skinhead is in the building.

And now exiting [the building].

Legalize it!

Hump day is better stoned.


Took a cruise up to Malibu. It's been too long since I've seen water. Carrying my 6D everywhere has proven cumbersome, so these photos are from the iPhone. 

Doing too much.


Neptune's was tasty and a cluster fuck.

Always stuntn.

The Tuesday grind is real.

Avenues & Alleyways

Last Friday night I swung by my friend Tim's first art show at Shepard Fairey's gallery Subliminal Projects. Avenues & Alleyways runs until February 22nd. I highly suggest you go check it out in person as this singular photo doesn't do his art a bit of justice.

Me with the man of the hour, Mr. Tim Armstrong.

A few hours into the opening, the back parking lot opened up and Tim Timebomb & Friends took the stage. They first played a few of their own songs and then began inviting special guests onto the stage.

Last by definitely not least was Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker of The Transplants.

And just cause.

Happy Monday!


I've alway wanted a space to have gallery shows, open pop-up shops, create art installations, host meet n greets, etc., but never had the room to do so. In our current warehouse we have a large roll-up door right off the street. From eight-to-four, Monday thru Friday we use it for inbound and outbound shipments. But at all other times it's just unused open space, and what I viewed as wasted space. So I redesigned the warehouse entrance into a simple all-white zone that we can transform and reinvent as often as we'd like. 

I can't wait until we open our doors to the public later this year. Our opening pop-up shop is gonna boom. Stay tuned!

Pierce The Veil

The homie Mike from Pierce The Veil came through R8DTLA. He's been spreading the 8 for a minute. Very stoked for all of his continued success.

Vista Points & Pee Breaks

I've been making a habit of pulling off the highway and hitting the vista points.

This view didn't suck.

All vista points/rest areas have empty beer cans. Fact.

Sometimes it's also fun just to take a random freeway exit and do your own exploring.

I love rust.

But when nature calls sometimes it's appropriate to not add your own special brew to the natural mix. In these rare instances, finding a restroom is preferred.

In new towns there's still kool shit to peep even from a Safeway parking lot while you wait for people to piss. Like a gold mine.

Or a heard of buffalo.

Keep your eyes open. Happy Wednesday.

Dated & Decorated

Condo rentals in snowy mountain locations are always a trip. Whether Lake Tahoe or Keystone, Colorado, in my opinion, they all look the same: dated and decorated with the unsold items leftover from your hoarder neighbor's garage sale.

Pictures of cowboys on my wall all in my condo. Yeehaw!

2 stories.

Stained glass snowboarders.

A taste of Napa Valley, from a headland in Marin, looking at a bridge of golden gates.


But the view's sick.

Keystone, Colorado

2014 is already shaping up to be a really good year. Went out to Colorado last week to spread the 8. Here are some photos.

Pet waste transmits disease.

Left eye.

Right eye.


Back to the warm.

En Route

En route to Keystone, Colorado. I wanted to pack super-light so the laptop is staying home. My next blog will be this Thursday. Until then, check out my Instagram and Twitter.


Have to finish up in the office before I head out to Colorado, so unfortunately this blog will be quite brief. I spent a lot of this past weekend thinking, reading books, and flipping through plenty of inspirational images in various publications. However your Saturday and Sunday played out, I hope it was enjoyable for you.

While I acknowledge that I have plenty of learning and growing up to do there are two things that I definitely need to fix that came to light in my readings over my 2-day break. Firstly, don't waste energy on things you can't control. That right there is a huge time waster! You can only control yourself, whether it be actions or thoughts. And unfortunately, I do waste plenty of time thinking about things I can't control. Even typing these very words, thoughts of situations that have yet to even happen consume my mind. Although I do wish to control more and specifically things I can't, I guess letting go is also a form of control that I need to learn to embrace. Ultimately, don't waste energy on things you can't control!

Secondly, whether good or bad, don't dwell on the past. I find myself reminiscing about the glory days when life was a lot simpler. Or I think about how if this or that went down differently years ago if I'd be in a better place today. Would I be happier? But all these useless thoughts are time wasters. It's once again better to spend the time you do have right now to make the life you want to have right now! Don't dwell on the past, it ain't gonna change. Ever.

Happy Monday!

I Bombed Yo Shit, Cop

Here are a few photos of Giant living out every graffiti artist's dream.

Twenty minutes after, the drips dried, and on Monday evening with wifey sitting shotty, I drove our bombed out cop car, as is, down to Long Beach. Aside from shocked citizens snapping photos, waving furiously, and honking horns, we were steady mobbing with no problems. But when I got on the 710, CHP surrounded us. I kept it moving, calm and composed. This wouldn't be my first time getting pulled over or if it so happened, fighting the law [through our legal system]. But after a few minutes into the tail, my wife gave a smile and a friendly nod, and as quick as they came, they vanished.

Getting the car back home is a whole other story that I'll save for another time. Thanks for allowing me to make my job fun as shit. Happy Friday! Fuck authority!


Agenda: Day Two

Agenda day two started just how day one ending; with non-stop photos and endless social media buzz.

REBEL8's Andrew & Brett held us down for the entire tradeshow. Big thanks to them.

REBEL8 model Jason Blake came soaring through.

So did Bigfoot.

And Sal Barbier.

Fuck police brutality.

I bombed yo shit, cop.



Old Giant tattoos.



Wolf tickets.


Spread the 8!




Picture Me.


Agenda: Day One

Booth K24. Officer 187.




[Psycho] Mike & Mike [Giant].

One of my favorite skaters and skate spots all in one terrific photo.

Kool booth.

Ran into Mr. San Francisco AKA Benny Gold.

Dressen, Brisk, Giant.

Back at the REBEL8 booth.


Skate or die.

Fall 2014 preview. If you don't carry REBEL8 in your store, hit

And ending this day one blog is my number one homie, Officer Giant. 

Spread the 8!

Agenda Long Beach

Today I will be at Agenda Booth #K24. Come visit. Spread the 8!



Accessed via Pioneertown Road at California State Route 62 in the town of Yucca Valley, the gently winding, four-mile drive northwest to Pioneertown has been designated a California Scenic Drive. The town started as a live-in Old West motion picture set, built in the 1940s. The movie set was designed to provide a place for the actors to live, and at the same time to have their homes used as part of the movie set. A number of Westerns and early television shows were filmed in Pioneertown, including The Cisco Kid and Edgar Buchanan's Judge Roy Bean. Here is what Pioneertown looks like today.

Come visit us at the Long Beach Convention Center 300 E Ocean Blvd Long Beach, CA 90802 tomorrow at Booth#K24. No appointment needed. Spread the 8!

Lost & Found

While I physically got lost in Pioneertown the other day, I found a renewed sense of self and purpose.

The people who inhabit this seemingly inhabitable place may seem odd or downright crazy to us city folk, but I'm beginning to think they've got the right idea. The desert rules.

The deafening silence alone is heavy as fuck.

Asphalt absent.

Loaded up a couple of 4Runners and headed out further.


As the sun played a cruel game of hide and seek behind the mountains, resulting in double-digit temperature fluctuations, our comfortable window of daylight quickly shrank. With cell phone service a prayer, I had to rely on the last loaded map to navigate home.

After a few hours of being on the verge of complete meltdown off-road and deep in the valley, we made it to the corner of Mountain View Lane & Annie Oakley Road.

Home sweet home.

Now to build an epic desert fire, watch the flames twerk, and stuff my face full of BBQ.

Happy Friday!

Traveling Man

Back on the 5, doing 85 while simultaneously soul searching, wishful thinking and daydreaming.


My dungeonous addiction carried me into the R&G Lounge for their salted, peppered, and deep fried variation of this delectable coastal treat.

With a stomach full of fukushima, I mindlessly walked the Chinatown streets.

Right into North Beach; gazing up in awe at the Columbus Tower.

Happy New Year! I wish you and yours a year of health, happiness, and success.


Forty five minutes south of SF, right off Highway 1, Princeton Seafood Company sells the best dungeonous crab in the world. Supporting local fisherman, this company started as a wholesale seafood distributor, buying fish fresh off the boats in Pillar Point Harbor for San Francisco customers. Now they serve the general public at the end of Johnson Pier and claim that 'the seafood you choose today probably spent last night in Half Moon Bay'. 

Dungeonous on ice.

For an extra buck, they'll not only boil 'em, but crack 'em and clean 'em too.

This is local, sustainable, and delicious.

Sunset City

It was the first time in forever that I came to San Francisco and didn't make my way through the Mission. I stayed Sunset. And honestly, not even feeling bad about it. Sunset very well may be the last neighborhood with a healthy populous of working class, generational San Franciscans. I've happily spent quite a few years living out on 35th Avenue.

Ocean Beach.

San Franpsycho.

No pity in the Sunset City.




Happy Monday!

The Basement

In my senior year of high school I moved downstairs into the basement. At the time, it was the single best thing that could've ever happened to me. That small yet substantial separation from my parents upstairs was huge. And thankfully, I took full advantage of my new secluded living quarters. 

In the years after I moved out, my mom began hanging art I'd given her around my basement bedroom. This is an OG signed & numbered Giant poster from 2006.

My final project for an Adobe Illustrator class I took back in 2002.

Experimenting with guache for another art class done around the same time.

And two random little piggy magnets.

Happy Friday!


San Francisco remains my most nostalgic city. I've lived in this 7x7 paradise for over three decades. I could be dropped on any corner in SF and easily tell you which way is North in milliseconds, or how to get anywhere else by foot, bike, car, or Muni. But most impressively I know what businesses existed previously in the same locations as ones that operate today.

I've left San Francisco earlier this year for a very good reason, and that was to allow REBEL8 to grow and flourish. I sacrificed my own personal comfort to give my business a chance to become everything it deserved to be. I have no regrets with my decision and have no less love for San Francisco, the Bay Area, or Northern California.

On my Xmas day visit to my mom's house I meandered into the garage to dig up some distant memories. I found some old collectibles like this 8-bit Nintendo game. I vividly remember it was many Christmas's ago when my dad bought me the entire Nintendo Entertainment System complete with two controllers, the gun, and the Power Pad. There is some old family video of me opening this gift that I thought about posting because it's incredible, but maybe some things should remain offline. 

Back in the day your mom would write your name on EVERYTHING.

Found a stack of zines from the HiFiArt days, and what I recall as an authentically-caught Will Clark baseball.

Years ago when clouds were clouds and cell phones only existed in the military, you had to use physical phone books. We also used pagers back then. There weren't many different area codes either. 415 por vida!

Went deeper into the Sunset to grab some coffee and catch up with a friend. These parklets are everywhere now in SF. This one in particular really suits the Outer Sunset location which is more-times-than-not encroached in deep fog. 

Hey I know that guy! His number is in my old phone book.

Hope you had a killer Xmas! Peace out City by the Bay. Until next time. 

Pizzeria Delfina

I still have yet to taste a pizza as good as the ones made by Delfina outside of Naples, Italy. And believe me, I've tried most pizza spots everywhere. The only other restaurant that hangs with Delfina is Roberta's in Brooklyn. When I lived on Guerrero in SF, I ate at the 18th Street location weekly. On this particular visit to San Francisco, I went to their California Street location.

And ordered my usual, margherita. Consistency consistently. Buon appetito!

Merry Xmas!

Looking Back To Move Forward

Took a cruise with my friend Luke around the City and then out to the Marin Headlands.

I used to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge almost daily when I commuted from Sunset to College of Marin. Yes, I commuted to a community college. But my logic was that if I stayed in SF and went to City College, it'd literally be like me going into the 13th grade. After Marin, I never transferred to an academic four year school. I'm not stoked I never received a college diploma, but my path was different and I live with no regrets. Ultimately, I made the right choice for me. And to anyone that ever doubted me that reads this, hello!

So back in '98 I remember buying my first vehicle, with my own money. It was a navy blue, basic model, '95 Ford Ranger truck. I think it cost me around $6,000 and that pretty much cleared out all the money stacked from the shit jobs I did throughout high school. I loved it. But upon driving into the College of Marin student lot, and parking next to rich kid whips, I unfortunately felt uncertain about myself.

I struggled with jealousy issues over rich kids that didn't have to work. I used to be quite envious of their seemingly perfect, stress-free life. However for me, not working was not an option. So I used this energy of envy to grind and push harder than I could have ever imagined. I kept working, and by the next year I sold the truck and bought an '88 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with a super-charger and every other fucking thing you could imagine packed under the hood. It was a real, street legal, 12-second, sleeper with Pony's, clean ass gloss black paint and heavy tints. I spent the rest of my money on the sound system and after thousands of watts later, I was stuntin'. At 19 years old, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge now felt awesome. That was the moment I realized working hard can get me anything I want.

The most beautiful city in the world looks just as good from a far.



I ending up driving out further into the beauty of what defines our Northern California coastline.

But I definitely made it back to my friend Ethan's house in time to catch the Niners game.

Enjoy today and I'll see you tomorrow.

The 5

Cruising up the 5 right now to San Francisco. A whole lotta nothing going on this lengthy stretch except clusters of fast food chains scattered every 25-miles or so. Looks like I stumbled on where the next heart-attack city will pop-up.

Let's Get Physical

It's that wonderful time of the year when every single product in our entire warehouse is physically counted. One by one. Good times!


Thanks to Agenda Show for the copy of Mark Ecko's book Unlabel. Thanks to Chris Chappell for the rad custom R8 logo glass skateboard. Thanks to Callum Preston for the stickers, zine, and kind words. Thanks to The Hundreds for the VIP Disneyland experience, continued support of my brand, and these anniversary tees and Moleskin notebooks.

If you feel so inclined to send me amazing things, REBEL8 Joshy 1729 Wall Street Los Angeles, CA 90015.

FedEx 2Day, Saturday delivery, and Overnight options are now available for our online shop.

Career Opportunities: Sales & Marketing

I never shut the door to amazing talent. I'm looking to fill the following positions immediately: Sales Reps (US Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Midwest), Head of Marketing (Social, Street, Casting, Gifting), Graphic Designer, Mens Cut N Sew Designer, Cut N Sew/Graphic Production Assistant, Bookkeeper. You must already live in LA for all positions except Sales Reps openings. Email with your resume and/or portfolio or website link. All other details including compensation will be discussed if I feel you're an organic fit to the REBEL8 brand. I look forward to your submission! Please note I will only reply if we are interested in interviewing you. Thanks for considering REBEL8 a real career opportunity.

Eternally Original

For weeks now, Giant has been working on a limited edition custom-cover release of his latest book, EternalEach original began with a blank white cover that Giant then tagged.

Afterwards, he used various techniques to add layers and depth, resulting in all unique variations of the same book (please note the below books are still works in progress).

We hope to make these books available to buy soon. Price, release date, etc., all TBD. Stay tuned!


I was pretty stunned when I learned the average American trashes 68 pounds of clothing every year. That's an insane amount of waste. So earlier this week I installed a clothing & shoes drop box in front of our warehouse. Please go through your closet and bag up all the clothing, shoes, and textiles that you no longer use. Put them in a bag and tie it up. Bring your bagged recyclables to 1729 Wall Street and drop them off. Thank you for recycling. Happy Friday!

500 Degreez

Today was rad! Our warehouse broke the record for the most single-orders processed in an 8-hour day. And these aren't Black Friday-Cyber Monday orders either!

Don't bother counting all the boxes trying to figure out the record-breaking number. This is just our afternoon FedEx Ground pick-up. 

Another great day at REBEL8. Thank you for spreading the 8! I'm sorry for blogging boxes. Boring, I know. Unfortunately, working hard means this.


Sorry for not blogging today. I'm Sharpies-deep in thank you notes. Spread the 8!

Play Dirty

It's impossible to tell that LA is fucking freezing from a photo. Happy Monday!

1729 4 Life

By now you probably know that when we moved to LA we took over The Hundreds old building. But what you may not know is that our current warehouse manager used to be a shipper for TH and worked here previously. I recall telling Bobby that when they moved to Vernon they forgot something. I think I also said that he must have come with the lease. Jokes aside, I'm happy Daryl has come over to the 8 side. REBEL8 is a better place because of him. And with his crew, they are shipping out your Black Friday orders as fast as possible.


Gamblin' Since 2003

Here's a glimpse of our next drop. Coming sooner than later.


Last night The Hundreds took over Disneyland to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. It was amazing! I haven't been there since I was a kid and last night I miraculously transformed back into one at the historic theme park. I literally was running around screaming for hours. Great seeing a bunch of familiar faces and meeting quite a few new ones. Big thanks and congrats to our friends over at The Hundreds.

The Hundreds Are Huge, Inc.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Star Wars.

Ran into a ton of rad people, but had to get a photo with my homie, the legendary skateboarder, Eric Dressen.

The Matterhorn.

Snapped a bunch of photos riding Space Mountain three-times over (which is now my ultimate favorite roller coaster ever), but they all came out incredibly blurry. Follow my Instagram for more than once-a-day updates.


I spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Half Moon Bay. I was told I must have brought the LA weather with me, as HMB seldom looks like this. I've always lived coastside. I can't count the times how I'd end my days in SF with a decompressing bike ride out to Ocean Beach. Sucks that I seldom see water now I'm in DTLA. Nonetheless, it was rad to walk the beaches again if only for a few hours.

Now it's time for me to stare at these photos and try to remember what the good, clean, crisp air up North feels like, while simultaneously make sure your orders get out to you ASAP. Big thanks for making this Black Friday the biggest day in REBEL8 history! I truly appreciate it.

Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday! Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving. I'm still full.

Today is the last day to get up to 50% OFF in our online store. Don't sleep. Products will not be restocked. All sales final.

Black Friday

Our annual Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sale will be in full effect this year!

Sale starts Friday 12:08AM PST November 29, 2013
Sale ends Monday 11:58PM PST December 2, 2013
No discount code needed.
Free shipping on orders over $100. Domestic 48 only.


Please do not hit refresh or click submit on your order more than once. That may result in charging your card multiple times. If we do have actual duplicate orders from you in our system, we will cancel and refund all but one. You do not need to email us.

If you see multiple pending charges on your credit card, but your order did not go through and you did not receive an order number, you will not be charged. These are simply holds on the funds by your bank that will automatically be released once they finish processing (typically a few business days). Your bank may tell you it is up to us to release these funds, which is completely not true. We do not have your money and there are no funds to release. Give it a few days and these will automatically be removed from your credit card. If we do have actual duplicate orders from you in our system, we will cancel and refund all but one. You do not need to email us.

Everything we have in stock is up on the website. We do not have extras laying around the warehouse or in a hidden box. Items will sell out FAST! Don't sleep on it. If you like it, grab it. We have no plans of making any more.

All orders will be shipped as is. We cannot add to, change, or remove items from your order or combine multiple orders. All sale items are final. No exchanges/refunds. So please order carefully. If a product is on your order but not on our shelves (out of inventory) we will automatically refund that product and ship the rest of your order out. You will only be charged for what ships.

You will get a tracking number once your order ships. If you have not received a tracking number by Friday the 13th, please feel free to contact us. ALL EMAILS BEFORE December 13, 2013 will be ignored. We apologize in advance for any fuck ups and will definitely make it right after Friday the 13th!

No, you cannot get the sale price applied to an existing order you placed seconds before 12:08AM PST November 29, 2013 or the day after the sale. No, any discount code you have will not work during the sale, nor can it be applied thereafter. They will be active after the sale.

If you still have questions about your order, please make sure to include your order number in your email subject line and holler at us AFTER December 13, 2013.

Once again, THANK YOU for your business and support. Happy holidays!

All Black

It's All Black this Friday.

Winter 13 Lookbook

The name Mike Giant is synonymous with his graffiti moniker, Giantone, which has been painted on walls throughout the world thousands of times over. Giant's legendary stature in the underground graffiti art scene is built solidly upon twenty-four years of hard work, undisputed skill, and a keen distaste for authority and their laws of the land. Shot on the roof of our Downtown LA home base, the Winter '13 lookbook brings us back to our original graffiti roots while further showcasing the legitimacy behind the 8. Photography: Dylan Bartolini-Volk



Winter Is Here

Over these past few days we've been shipping our Winter 2013 collection to stores worldwide. And while we typically give a longer window for product to land in doors before we release it online, that will not be happening this Holiday season. We now thrive in a huge warehouse with multiple ship stations and a competent staff that allow us to effortlessly ship both wholesale and online retail orders simultaneously. With that being said, thank you for allowing us to grow and become the strong brand you know as REBEL8.

Our Winter collection is now available to buy in our online shop.

Smoke & Boxes

"Don't Tread On Me" is what the top stair reads on the way to our second floor at R8DTLA.

Winter is selling out. Already. Go visit your local stockist immediately.

If you want a job in our spotless, absurdly organized, perfect-inventory warehouse, you'll need to report to Warehouse Manager Daryl. Good luck!

After an OCD-thorough cleansing and Hundreds de-branding of 1729 Wall Street, I thought I'd never find another Adam Bomb. But just minutes ago, this little fucker was spotted under some stairs. Safe travels, Adam. You are now on your way to Japan.

I also spotted the mysterious Giant.

He breathes smoke.

Just another hectic Tuesday. Join our newsletter (you can find the link at the top navigation bar). You missed some seriously huge news today if you aren't a subscriber. Don't let it happen again.

Giant One

Had a nice little Saturday watching Giant paint. Hope you had a great weekend! REBEL8 Winter is coming.

Career Opportunities

I never shut the door to amazing talent. I'm looking to fill the following positions immediately: Graphic Designer, Cut N Sew Designer, Production Assistant, Bookkeeper. You must already live in LA. Email with your resume and/or portfolio or website link. All other details including compensation will be discussed if I feel you're an organic fit to the REBEL8 brand. I look forward to your submission! Please note I will only reply if we are interested in interviewing you. Thanks for considering REBEL8 a real career opportunity.

A Milli

10 years deep, we've produced and dispersed quite a few stickers. Today however, is the first time we received a million of them at once. Time to spread the 8!

Leaders Of The Pack

Too busy to blog. But not too busy to give you a glance at Spring 2014.

Smile & Breathe

It's rad to have big friends doing bigger things. Take Joey for example. He handles all operations for Diamond [Supply Co.]. They move more product in a single day than we do in an entire… Never mind. Fresh to see Joey still rockin' our Sk8-Hi REBEL8 x Vans! But equally upsetting to see him so damn comfortable on my couch.

And then there's me. Working endlessly while still trying to smile & breathe. Hold fast I tell myself. It gets better.

But as much great shit I do, and as much bullshit I get through, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life. Thank you.


It still trips me out how much love you give REBEL8. But my level of being stoked on your support trumps any shock or disbelief of the great lengths you take to represent the brand. It humbles the hell out of me really. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Here are a little more than 300 REBEL8 tattoos that I know about.

And remember, while there are thousands of Mike Giant graphics inked on people across the globe, a REBEL8 tattoo is our trademark Diamond 8 logo, the words REBEL8 or Rebel Eight. If your REBEL8 tattoo is not on our tattoos page, please email it over to

The Very First

I spent the past weekend in beautiful San Diego, and of course I left my camera at home. So while there are no photos for you today, understand there will be no memories for me ever. Stoners unite!

But on the bright side, the very first REBEL8 tee is finally back from framing and waiting for hanging. This original from 2003 was donated to the REBEL8 preservation cause by my homie Mike Padgett. It was all downhill from here.

Happy Monday!

San Diego

Woke up in a whale's vagina.


Sorry my blogs have been sucking as of late. Hate to admit that I got a ton of other pressing issues to deal with and sadly this blog just doesn't make the cut. Did break away from my desk for lunch (first time this entire week). Thought it was funny that my katsu curry looked just just as good in the window...

As it did in real life. I did choose tofu over chicken however.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Been a Terry Richardson fan for awhile. Fresh to see this photo he snapped in NY. Much love to Coney Island.


This post was supposed to be about the first REBEL8 t-shirt ever, but the framing shop is closed today. Bummed. Here is what I stared at for an hour waiting.


Giant's been painting blank covers of his latest book, Eternal, as part of a special-edition original art release. I hope to get a few available in our online shop. Stay tuned!

Behind The 8

Got the inside scoop and a PDF preview of a feature called "Behind the 8" hopefully to make the next issue of Be Street Magazine. I hope I sound a lot cooler in French than I do in American. The photos are killer though. Thanks Be Street!

Happy Friday!

Graveyard Shift model Jason Blake sent over a few graveyard shots by Ruben Rivera of our Clock Building, Not Time Telling capsule. The full collection is now available exclusively at in our online shop. Happy shopping and of course, Happy Halloween!



A few days ago I posted on my Instagram a little story about Teamwolf. And although I still plan to compose a fully dedicated blog post to my first stab at the clothing game, I thought it would be funny to share this notebook I found in my mom's basement. This is how I kept tabs on who owed me money. Looks like I still have some collecting to do!

The Bay

I've spent countless hours staring at the Golden Gate Bridge: whether I was looking up from Fort Point, over from the Marin Headlands, or down from any peak in San Francisco. In my opinion, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the few manmade structures that upgrade the natural beauty that is the San Francisco Bay.

Fort Point.

Fire on Valencia.

Baker Beach.

San Francisco is the most beautiful city. Case closed.

San Francisco

First time since the move to LA I got a chance to come back to SF for a quick visit. Can't believe how much the city has changed in such a short period of time. That is everything but the weather.

This building at 19th & Valencia is the talk of the town. $1,400.00 a square foot. Only do the math if you can afford it. It's just straight up depressing if you can't.

Saw some graffiti.

Can't stop, won't stop.

I do love the parklets sprinkled around the Mission.


Street art.

Up close.

Killer mural.

Funny, but sad.

Now only if they had hourly rates. Damn.

The only spot in SF that literally hasn't changed in decades, Ocean Beach.

Thanks San Francisco!

Clock Building, Not Time Telling

As a good majority of you probably knows, I started this brand a decade ago: with just a handful of sketches from Mike Giant and a few hundred bucks in my pocket. Generally speaking, over these years I’ve learned a lot. Everything that I have built has been self-made and all knowledge on how to run a successful company has been self-taught.

I have no degree in business, or any degree for that matter. I barely graduated high school. I have no previous on-the-job training or experience to rely on. Prior to REBEL8 I worked construction, valeted cars, did catering, was a stagehand, and performed a laundry list of other random tasks for money. I have no investors. REBEL8 started with nothing more than $500 and a vision to build a great company.

So what more can I say about these past 10-years? It’s been challenging at all times but equally fulfilling. I’ve learned that REBEL8 is truly a different company and not just speaking artistically. We don’t use smoke and mirrors or have suits puppeteering the show that thankfully has yet to end. It’s just me telling you my stories with dignity and respect while keeping my head down working hard each and every day. And yes it’s also Giant illustrating breathtaking graphics solely using his Sharpie on paper. Sure our family has grown to include more designers, shippers, and sales people, etc., but I hire like-minded individuals that share my vision for REBEL8. It feels damn good to know that the people who work with me don’t need to conform to bullshit corporate politics or think differently at work than in their private lives. And let me tell you, it’s awesome to be able to create jobs in an era where most companies try cutting them.

This 10-year anniversary capsule collection is titled "Clock Building, Not Time Telling." I think author Jim Collins explains the meaning of this phrase best. Here are his words, without edits. "Imagine that you met a remarkable person who could look at the sun or the stars and, amazingly, state the exact time and date. Wouldn’t it be even more amazing still if, instead of telling the time, that person built a clock that could tell the time forever, even after he or she were dead and gone? Having a great idea or being a charismatic visionary leader is “time telling;” building a company that can prosper far beyond the tenure of any single leader and through multiple product life cycles is “clock building.” Those who build visionary companies tend to be clock builders. Their primary accomplishment is not the implementation of a great idea, the expression of a charismatic personality, or the accumulation of wealth. It is the company itself and what it stands for."

Thank you for everything. I truly appreciate all that you have done to make REBEL8 such an incredible brand. I hope I have the opportunity to shake your hand and tell you all of this in person, because everything you are reading is from the bottom of my heart.

Joshy D.

Spread the 8!

Only Giant can get me smiling in a photo.

Work now, smile later.

I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life. Thanks again for 10 amazing years. Click here to peep the 10-year anniversary special release.

State of Mind

The trick to New York City, and any other dense urban areas worldwide, is to get as high off the ground as possible. Then, and only then, does the city truly open up.

But unfortunately you do need to hit ground level to get the world's best soup dumplings.

Or to see graffilthy.

Or this kool installation.

I love living in the city.

5 Pointz

Took a train way out to Long Island City to check out 5 Pointz. Taking these photos brought back lots of great memories of the HiFiArt days; San Francisco in the 90's, and specifically Psycho City and the rad graff spots in and around 3rd Street. Enjoy.


New York, New York

Miss Behave was the first boutique in Manhattan to carry REBEL8. Unfortunately, they've been out of business for years. 

But it's rad to see their name memorialized in this Giant mural that still remains.

Larry David goes here.

And so do I.

Yarn bomb.

Ran into my homie Travie McCoy just hours before he was set to fly out to Australia with his band Gym Class Heroes.

More construction.

La-la-ladies. Ladies.

Location, location, location.

Do not feed the pigeons.

Katz's. That's all!

M-I-S-T double-E, Mis-ster Softee.


Nobody walks in LA. Everybody walks in New York. I've damn near worn out my Nikes. Until tomorrow!


Visiting Coney brings back so many fresh memories of my youth. 

To get there, take the F. You won't miss it. It's the last stop, literally. 

The weather has been incredible in NYC. Took a few moments to stare West. 

And then East. 

And before I knew it, the sun went down and the lights went on.  

Happy Monday! 

Cost Fucked Madonna

Late night Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Cost fucked Madonna in Manhattan.

Hella cars stacked up by the High Line.

Young Veezy.

The old Getty station on the corner of 24th Street and 10th Avenue is currently the home of several sheep sculptures made of bronze and epoxy by the late French artist Francois-Xavier Lalanne.

And I have plenty more to see and do. Happy Friday!


Took the F Train all the way out to Coney Island to visit my 94-year-old grandma. With a case of dementia, she's confined to her wheelchair on the 7th floor of a nursing home which is straight up just a hospital with carpet. Depressing to say the least.

Super sad to walk the very boardwalk I did countless times as a kid without her. For the passed few years my grandma has become less and less talkative. Our last conversations, before she was hospitalized, would just be her asking how's my health, how's business, and after I replied great two times, she'd end with an I love you. Unfortunately, now she doesn't really speak, at all. So in the nursing home I held her hand, told her I loved her, said I was healthy, and said business was great. She didn't say a thing. But she slowly lifted my hand to her mouth, kissed it three times and just stared at me. Tears filled my eyes, but I refused to let them fall down to my cheeks. I don't know what is or isn't going through her mind, nor do the doctors. I just knew at that moment I wanted to be strong for her. Today was rough.

Seeing this ridiculous Smart car, little giant ladder set-up on the way home made me smile for a second.

But as I waited for my train back to the city, and in many ways, my life back in California, I knew that for my grandmother, this stop will be the end of her line.

Life is precious. Cherish it at all costs.

Dearest Haters

Just touched down at JFK.

Went straight to Manhattan. Nice to see NYC is still under constant construction and traffic is virtually nonexistent.

Swung through Tribeca to catch up with Banksy.

Banksy's letter reads as, "Dearest Haters, Please leave this piece be out of respect of our loved ones lost on 9/11. Much love, NYC."

My new home this week.

Until tomorrow.


Off to NYC mañana and just got word that my United flight will not be equipped with WiFi. Bummed. I hope to blog it up from the hotel. My excuse for not blogging today is that I got lost in The Hundreds building earlier and just found my way out.


Hope you had a great weekend. I'm swamped today. Sorry for blogging so late and sorry for keeping it so brief. Here's a photo of Giant playing in a pool. Happy Monday!


Rachel is a great example of a loyal REBEL8er that doesn't wait for us to create the next kool product that we probably should have already been making. It's this type of thoughtful customer that really stokes me out and pushes me even further in my attempt to be the best owner of this brand you've come to know as REBEL8. I guess it also humbles the hell out of me to see someone take a product that I originally had a singular purpose for and flip it to create an entirely new one. Genius. Thank you Rachel and the rest of the lovely Lady 8ers that never gave up on the 8. Good things are coming. Glad you'll stick around to see.

Logo Pin/Earring is available in our online store for $3.95 now.

The Business of Fashion

If "Time is money." -Benjamin Franklin,  then, "Timing is everything." -Joshy D. And for fashion, it really is.


Time. I think about it constantly. The older I get the more precious it becomes. I value my time greatly, and luckily for me, I choose how I spend all 24-hours of it. Hell, I determine how I spend every waking day, week, month, and year. I guess, time is on my side. Yet still, here are some quotes about time that make my words seem quite childish.

"In all our deeds, the proper value and respect for time determines success or failure." -Malcolm X
"The time I kill is killing me." -Mason Cooley
"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." -Charles Darwin
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." -Albert Einstein
"The time is always right to do what is right." -Martin Luther King Jr.
"If you love life, don't wast time, for time is what life is made up of." -Bruce Lee
"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." -John Lennon
"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." -Steve Jobs

Thanks for spending your time reading my blog, shopping our online store, and spreading the 8.


Although REBEL8 is strongly considered a California lifestyle brand, our lasting roots actually begin in New York. The Fall 2013 lookbook takes us back to Brooklyn, New York City where seasonal themes A.C.A.B., raising hell, root of all evil and doom team twist around street corners, curl through back alleys and spiral onto rooftops. 

This is the Polaroid version of our Fall 2013 lookbook also by Jerry Buttles.

The complete Fall 2013 collection is available to buy in our online shop now.

A Giant Life

Giant and I haven't been kicking it on weekends since we started seeing each other everyday Monday through Friday at R8DTLA. And while it's awesome to see him so frequently, it's equally important for us to catch up outside of the office. This past weekend, we spent 24-hours talking about life, people, art, REBEL8, the past, future, and present.

Mike, in many ways, has been a steady, consistent, reassuring figure in my life. When stress would get the better of me, he would be the one to formulate the right words to make it all go away. When I would doubt myself or my abilities, he would be the one to show me how far I've already come. He taught me to do one small thing for REBEL8 every single day and in time, those small things would eventually amount to big things. And when I said that I wish REBEL8 was bigger and more successful, he contently replied that if I decided to not grow this brand any further or decide to scale it back down to when it was just me in my apartment sleeping on boxes, he would be happy. Because of his thoughtfulness, generosity, and wisdom, I want the entire world to experience REBEL8. And in order to do that, we've got a long way to grow.


My good friend Skinhead Rob (The Transplants/Death March) came through R8DTLA yesterday. I can't believe we've been here for over 6 months and this is the first time he's visited us. Always good times with this dude.

And of course with this dude, too.

Rob's new bike looks dangerous.

And uncomfortable.

But it's always style over comfort. Happy Friday! See you Monday.

New Arrivals

If you look to your right, you will see the 6 latest arrivals to hit our online shop. Here are three new products that already got lost in the feed. First up is the Mike Giant Mini Sharpie, which is the little brother to the original Mike Giant Sharpie.

As I've mentioned previously, I'm doing my best to bring as much production back to the USA. The Made In USA Beanie showcases our new Trade Mark logo and is 100% made in the United States. Below-right is our Made in USA Round Logo Mouse Pad, the perfect compliment to the keyboard and mouse sitting right in front of you.

These are only three of the many new products available in our online store. Check the shop thoroughly and thanks for shopping.

O Canada

All walk, no talk.

Built for war.

Steam o'clock.

Four Seasons of sickness.

Gonna spend the rest of my Vancouver trip in my hotel room until I hit the airport. Thank you so much Vancouver! It's been fantastic. Until next time, spread the 8!


When I visit a new city for the first time, I love to walk. I prefer walking over riding a bicycle, taking a taxi, or using any public transportation. When I walk I feel a true connection to the city. I learn how the streets flow, how the sounds and smells fluctuate block-by-block, how the parked cars go from luxury to shit and back to luxury, and how the breed of dogs being walked matches accordingly. I love seeing how the derelict apartment buildings slowly (and some times abruptly) transition to high-end high-rises. Ultimately, I love seeing it all.

When walking, I also don't miss the opportunity to check out a good 25-cent peep show. Or buy viagra for men women?

I swung by Adrenaline Tattoo; an account that has been holding us down in Vancity since 2008.

Thank you Adrenaline Vancity!

Stoked to have missed this.



I've pretty much made it to all parts of Vancouver by now. From East...

To West.

All the way to these happy-go-fuck yourself type-of [bronze] guys [with kneepads].



Thanks for reading. Please allow me to continue traveling and remain a ramblin' man by shopping our online store.


I've really grown fond of Vancouver. Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of their architecture however. I find most residential high-rises littered on their coasts repetitive with little to no beauty. But I'd take one of these ugly penthouse suites and still be all smiles as Vancouver is one of the cleanest cities on Earth. And suffering from a strong case of OCD, I respect the hell out of their dedication to keeping their streets and parks pristine.

As a kid I fantasized about owning a van, possibly just because of the A-Team. As a teenager I thought it would be the most ideal parent-proof mobile bedroom/drug den/sex dungeon. As an adult I still think they're kool but I'm more drawn to their functional uses. The ability to just pull-over to the side of the road and take a legitimate nap is awesome. Some day you will be mine, van.

Meat & cheese. And a kale caesar salad.


On this trip I transformed from red meat only to a complete seafood addict. Last night's dinner began with the seafood tower. I expressed my disappointment, and I'm sure you'd agree, a tower really should be at least four levels. Three levels would be like a loft, but 2 levels!? That's like a beach house. Amazingly fresh and delicious nonetheless.

Vancouver reminds me of San Francisco in a few ways: the weather (at least at this time of year), the seafood (it's better in Vancouver, sorry SF), but most importantly, the ability to walk or ride-a-bike everywhere. I definitely miss walking in San Francisco.

Even the construction sites are clean. And look at that concrete! No litter, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, capri suns, hep-C, dog piss, dog shit, human number one, human number two, or the crucial number three (diarrhea).

One of the fresher hotel lobbies I've been in.

And one of the most comfortable beds I've slept in.

Thank you Vancouver! I am not done with you.

Happy Monday!

Granville Island

Back in Vancouver, I started the day off like this. Best almond croissant I've ever had. And yes, I've tried more in more cities than I care to disclose.

I decided to take a walk across Vancouver, over to Granville Island. There are so many new buildings being constructed on the coast, it was refreshing to see this old gem. The windows are dope.

Johny Depp.


I stood here for a few minutes, taking in as much of the beautiful scenery and crisp, fresh air that I could.

From Granville Island looking back to Vancouver.

Cuz its [water] levels to this shit.

Looking at this photo now on my blog, sorely missing the pleasant aroma spewing from the ovens behind this display case, I am quite regretful of not ordering a pot pie. 

Fresh fruit.

Hate raisins, but I bet this was a tasty morsel.

First time I've ever seen and tried a stuffed bagel. I wasn't impressed. I typically half my bagels and apply a thick coat of cream cheese. Bite for bite, there was no difference between a stuffed or cut bagel with toppings. In fact, I'm going to go traditional on this one; not feeling the stuffed bagel.

Meat snacks.

Sausage fest.

Master of [Sesame Street] puppets.

Happy Friday!


Spent the past 24-hours being a real tourist in Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.


REBEL8's Fall collection is being released in four separate installments. Since 2003 we've been raising hell and our deep roots in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo culture have remained prevalent in our trademark lifestyle and recognizable brand. Ending our Fall '13 season is drop four, Doom Team; a genuine and pure summation of all that we are and nothing we're not.

To buy the Fall 2013 collection from our online store, click here.

Van To Vic

I flew up to Vancouver to then hop on a boat over to Victoria; spending a very beautiful, 4 hours aboard the Prince of Whales.


Whether it be an individual boutique owner or 1 of the 600 store managers at Zumiez, I love catching up and meeting new people that spread the 8. Most importantly I love telling my story, and supporting all businesses that support us. So when Zumiez invited me to their corporate offices in Lynnwood, WA for a meet and greet, I was on the next plane.

Here are 24-hours from Seattle to Lynnwood.


So International

Haven't been on a plane in a very long time. I definitely didn't miss flying. But I did miss seeing all of you. Look out world, here I come!

Heart of the Devil

Jay Howell is widely-known for his original character design of Fox's TV series Bob's Burgers. He also writes, produces, and art directs for Nickelodeon's Sanjay & Craig, in addition to his gallery work. But before he became famous, I knew him as the goofy dude I'd get wasted with at random SF art shows, house parties, and dive bars. To say we had a few things in common was an understatement. For our Summer 2010 guest artist series, we actually released a snapback, two tees and a tank that Jay designed. And to accompany the product, Jay, alongside Eighty Four Films created this video.


Six years ago Jim Dirschberger made this video for me. Four years before that, we met in a sketching class at the Academy of Art when I ended up sitting right next to him. We became friends shortly thereafter and flash-forward a year later he was actually roommates with my then current now ex-girlfriend. But life moved on as it always does and I dropped out of school, and lost touch with Jim. Although our paths have yet to cross in our new homes of Los Angeles, I am stoked to see he is doing better than great. Jim is co-creator and executive producer of Sanjay & Craig, an animated children's show for Nickelodeon. I still smile every time I watch this video. Hope to see you again, Buffalo Jim.


In 1999 I walked into FTC to cop a new deck, maybe a pair of shoes, but ultimately on this visit, I just ended up flipping through a few hundred tees on one of their racks. And out of all the graphic tees from every major skateboard brand and beyond, one t-shirt struck me in particular. At the time, I didn't know about Diamond Supply Co. I definitely didn't know Nick Tershay AKA Nicky Diamonds. I also didn't have the help of social media or the internet to try and learn about this t-shirt that I couldn't take my eyes off. But none of that mattered to me. I fell in love with that metallic silver script on a crisp black tee and had to have it. I think I bought it for $18.00, which at the time was pretty much what t-shirts were going for. I ended up rocking that shirt daily, for a very long time.

A couple of years later I met Mike Giant and I remember sitting in his studio watching him draw some script. For some reason it looked very familiar to me. I'm not sure what word he was writing out, but it made me think of that Diamond shirt I used to wear religiously. When I got home I dug through my chest of drawers and found it. The next time Giant and I hung out I pulled that t-shirt from my bag, held it up facing him, and asked, "this you!?" He squinted from across the room, paused for a very long second, and simply replied, "yeah." At that exact moment I realized I was a Giant fan before I even know who Giant was. Crazy.

It's rad to see the OG Giant Diamond script is still used by Diamond Supply Co. on many of their products. Today it's riding high on a billboard on Melrose. Salute!


Some Mondays you end up sitting in an extra hour of traffic cranking classical music just to chill you the fuck out. And then you show up at work to see a human shit napping under a napkin with his fly friends.

And then you thank God, smile, and take a deep, long breath of beans and rice that was dumped in front of your spot the night before.

And finally you make it inside the building to hear a pleasant story of how one of your employees got food poisoning from a rancid seafood salad and literally got two black eyes just from puking his guts up over the past 24-hours.

We're off to a great start! Happy fucking Monday!

Life's A Beach

Not every day at REBEL8 is awesome. For example, today sucks.


Can't wait to get outta here.

At least Giant hates his job as much as I do.

Life's a bitch.

I apologize for being such a downer. Happy Friday!

Fall 2013: Delivery 3/4

REBEL8's Fall collection is being released in four separate installments. The third drop is called Root Of All Evil. And while money is commonly referred to as such, famed American author Mark Twain once said contradictory that, "the lack of money is the root of all evil."

To buy the Fall 2013 collection from our online store, click here.


With Fall '13 Delivery 2 for wholesale almost complete, and Fall '13 Delivery 3/4 for online dropping later today, it's time for us to commence work on the next big thing. For years we've been asked, questioned, begged, and outright told to open up a retail store front. But my answer has always been the same; I won't say never, but I will say not now. I guess that is, until now.

The 10-by-10 box I emotionally spoke about in my 833 blog, will go beyond what it now functions as today, and become another great memory in the history of REBEL8. This 10-by-10 will soon become our pop-up shop.

Can't wait for you to visit! Stay tuned.

Mass Appeal

Just read the latest copy of Mass Appeal. I'm particularly drawn to this issue for the interviews with Marc Ecko, Jeff Staple and Grotesk, and the dudes behind 10.Deep. It is noted by Sacha Jenkins, Mass Appeal Editorial Director, "the term 'streetwear' has been worn to the point where the dang thing has holes in it." He continues, that in issue 53 his team, "went on a mission to stitch together the history and the hardscrabble tales of survival that made streetwear - or whatever you want to call the globally resonant, cultural dynamo - that it is today." 

Although my staff knows I enjoy reading words by streetwear legends, I guess the main reason why this magazine landed on my desk is that Giant did all the custom title treatments for this issue and was also featured.

Beginning on page 62, the 2-page spread on Mike Giant, written by Jason Goldwatch, delves into Giant's Buddhist mind of daily practices to remain balanced and his thoughts on both life and death. A good read indeed.

Then again, this 2-page spread REBEL8 ad ain't bad either.

Big up Jason Goldwatch, Sacha Jenkins, and everyone else over at Mass Appeal.


Swung by Slow Culture gallery last Friday night to check out Illustrations Vol. 1: a group exhibition comprised of work by a selection of LA's most exciting, most in-demand, and most accomplished young illustrators.

Benjie Escobar.

Brandon Spiegel.

Eric McHenry.

Mike Jones.

Bummed my photos of Ken Garduno and Suedehead came out blurry. Then again, none of my photos above are that amazing, nor do any justice to these actual works. Like most art, this exhibition should be experienced in person and I encourage you to visit the gallery. Have a great Monday! Smile and breathe.

The Pancake Epidemic

Went to my first Pancake Epidemic this morning. What is The Pancake Epidemic? Well, first off, The Pancake Epidemic, a division of StreetVirus, is a creative agency boosting flavor and depth into brands. Offices are situated directly above the iconic IHOP in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. Each Friday select individuals are invited to come down, hang out, eat gourmet foods matched with gourmet coffee, and schmooze amongst other individuals. I met quite a few amazing people this AM.

The offices are some of the most carefully curated and beautifully decorated working spaces to date.

Like this installation in a room now called Mark's Boutique. I'll explain another time.

All this magic takes place literally on top of an IHOP, thus explaining why this agency and creative space is called The Pancake Epidemic.

I'll definitely snap a few more photos next week. I'll be there every Friday when my schedule allows. Thanks Rama!

Womens Fall 2013

Shot in a remote California setting, off a seldom used weathered road, late in the afternoon with the sun racing towards the horizon, this Lady 8er finds you don't have to stray too far off the path to get away. Fall 2013 marks the first ever lookbook for REBEL8 Womens.  This is just the beginning of our journey. Photography: Dylan Bartolini-Volk. To view the entire lookbook, click here. To buy Womens Fall 2013 from our online store, click here.

Falafels and Shawarmas

Giant's 42nd birthday went down late last week. Birthdays past, Giant and I would always celebrate at strip clubs in Vegas. But for this year and the foreseeable future, it seems good conversation and bowling will replace good lap dances and motor-boating. 

Yesterday I hosted an employee-only lunch for the dude. We all gathered around the kitchen island, munching on falafels and shawarmas, listening to the OG kick knowledge just about damn near everything. Happy birthday, brother!

Brett, our customer service rep, just got some new ink from Giant. I guess Giant's back tattooing! And with all sincerity, good luck getting an appointment. But please do not email me nor Brett asking a Goddamn thing about it. We don't know.

Ladies, I recommend visiting the site frequently starting now. Hint-hint.


Believe it or not, this is actually one of my favorite spots in our new warehouse. Yes, oddly enough, this 10-by-10 box with a broken slab of concrete as the floor, a metal roll-up mirrored by dented security gates as walls, and deformed pipes with God-knows-what running through them for the other two, might very well be my favorite place in R8DTLA. This tiny 100 square foot box today, solely functions as one entrance to our 17,000 square foot warehouse. But back in 2003 through '05, 100 square feet was everything.

See, when I first started this brand, aside from having a mere $500 to do so, I lived at 833 Divisadero Street in San Francisco. 833, literally was a 10-by-10 studio apartment with its own gated entrance right off the street. I used this narrow alley to not only park my scooter, but to ship REBEL8 orders during the day. Each morning I would wake up, move the boxes from under, and sometimes from even on top of my bed, and set them up in a line parallel to this maybe 3-foot-wide corridor. Unfortunately, during the Fall/Winter 2005 shipping window, it rained heavily and some product got damaged. So shortly after shipping out the season, I felt I had no other choice but to begin looking for a warehouse with a roof! And finally move REBEL8 out of 833 Divisadero. 833 remained my place of residence until mid-2009.

This is pretty much where REBEL8 began. To the left was my make-shift desk/office. Posted on the wall above are the graphics from our first catalog, Spring/Summer 2005. I must have taken this photo that same year because right next to my monitor is a print-out of a Craigslist posting for an available warehouse space. That same print-out became my then-current goal, and by January 2006, REBEL8 moved into that exact warehouse. Below the desk, for those of you younger than 30, is a fax machine. The vast majority of boutique orders were sent via facsimile. If I came home from the bar next door and saw that an order came through, I would run right back and order a few shots.  The image on the right shows my bicycle parking, loft bed, and inventory.

I have a few more photos of 833 that I'll share at another time. But for now, this is why that seemingly worthless little area at R8DTLA is so meaningful.  Have a great rest of your Tuesday. And thanks for taking the time to read these words and visit my blog daily. See you tomorrow!

Deeper Than Digital

Went a few miles outside of Los Angeles with photographer Dylan Bartolini-Volk & crew, to shoot our upcoming Fall 2013 Womens Lookbook. This is only a sneak peek through my lens. Stay tuned!

Stoked my friend Brianna Hicks was down to model.

And I'm sure you will be too.

You may remember this liquor store from the 1995 hit movie, Clueless. I sure didn't. But I'm also told I have a selective memory.

Can't believe it's already Friday. This week just flew by. Enjoy your weekend and don't sleep on the latest Fall '13 drops to hit our online store.

Fall 2013 Lookbook

Although REBEL8 is strongly considered a California lifestyle brand, our lasting roots actually begin in New York. The Fall 2013 lookbook takes us back to Brooklyn, New York City where seasonal themes A.C.A.B., raising hell, root of all evil and doom team twist around street corners, curl through back alleys and spiral onto rooftops. Photography: Jerry Buttles. To view the entire lookbook, click here. To buy drop 1 and 2 of the Fall 2013 collection from our online store, click here.


Societies typical Monday-Friday work schedule has never been my grind. For over 10 years now, I've been consistently on that 24/7/365; all work, all play, in it to win it, refuse to lose. But I guess when you do something you love, it never really feels like work; adding to, you never want to stop doing what you love. REBEL8 is my passion, my job as well as my hobby, my life, and my everything. I happily spend more time here than anywhere else.

This past weekend the majority of my hours were spent in our photo studio; a building-in-a-building, fully-functional, custom photography studio, situated in the back of our warehouse.

Both roll-ups and loading dock are only open Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM for inbound and outbound shipments, adjusting to the working schedules of USPS, FedEx and every other major transport company.  The warehouse staff keeps to this schedule excluding all major holidays. I toss in a few extra paid days off that most companies don't do that everyone seems quite stoked on.

And when the day's work is done, into the night I go.

Our Fall '13 collection is being released in four separate installments. Drop 2 just released and can be found here. Happy shopping!


John Kingston stopped by R8DTLA over the weekend to watch his friend, Jason Blake, model the Fall '13 D2 collection. Kingston and I have never met prior to last Saturday, but I was familiar with some of his work for Us Versus Them.

After about 30-minutes of conversation, Kingston casually lifted his pant leg to expose this. I was blown away.

Great meeting you Kingston.

And thank YOU for checking my blog daily. Spread the 8!


Vinnie and Trent from The Proper Barbershop came through R8DTLA to talk reality shows & haircuts. I let them know about our pending pop-up shop and the tours I will be giving. Yes, you will be able to visit R8DTLA, get a full tour of the entire REBEL8 operation by yours truly, sit in our showroom and drill me with questions that can help make you million$, and then visit our pop-up shop and buy exclusive REBEL8 merch that will never be available anywhere else, ever. 

I've given quite a few tours of R8DTLA by now and Giant's stairwell installation always has people tripping. It literally becomes the longest walk up just a single flight of stairs they've ever taken.

These fucking guys.

Happy Monday!

Mass Exodus

Stoked to have my buddy Adam 5100 come down from SF to check out R8DTLA. Also excited to hear he will be moving down to Los Angeles soon. He's been grinding in the art scene for years now and it's super rad to see him finally get some shine and plenty of thi$.

Hannah Stouffer also stopped by. Bare with my descriptive vocabulary, or lack there of, as I'd say her work is pretty sick. Hope to see her more frequently, now that she also resides in never-not-sunny LA.

Peep what she just did at The Standard Downtown.


Since 2006, Lula Apparel has been holding us down in Asia. They are our loyal sales reps and distributors in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia. Our respective companies started out much the same; smaller than small with bigger than big dreams with little to no capital. Over the 7 years we've worked together, our business has grown incredibly, and damn close to exponentially.

In recent years many of you have noticed quite a few companies in the USA looking a little too similar to REBEL8. And as many of you know, I didn't ignore these companies. In fact, I was quite open with my distaste for these companies and the cowards behind them. But after being sued for defamation and a laundry-list of other legal bullshit, I've learned two very important things: firstly, before you say anything opinionated that could be potentially controversial or defamatory, preface it with an, "In my opinion"; secondly, I learned if you spend all your time focusing on the negative you will never get to a positive place.

But what has been more disconcerting to me than the shamelessly lazy USA brands, is the amount of counterfeit REBEL8 products being sold in Asia, branded as authentic REBEL8. At first, it was shocking to see all the fake REBEL8 manufactured in China and then sold in bulk mainly to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. But shortly after, it really bummed me out.

See, I spend a considerable amount of time carefully selecting the best factories for quality of product and overall worker's health, safety and rights. I'm always trying to source better materials that do less harm to our environment. I constantly attempt to find suitable local, domestic factories to make REBEL8 goods. And I'm proud to say, since our relocation to LA, I've been able to bring a bunch of production back to the USA. These are just a few of the things I do. And these are just a few of things the companies that bootleg REBEL8 don't do.

Thank you to the real REBEL8ers for the continued support. And thank you to Lula Apparel for seven years of business.

Here is a list of the only authorized REBEL8 dealers in these specific countries. If you see REBEL8 in any other shop in these regions, the merchandise is fake. If you buy "REBEL8" in any other shops not listed below, you are knowingly purchasing counterfeit goods: you are not supporting us, you are not spreading the 8, you are not a REBEL8er, and you should go take a long walk off a short pier.

Taiwan: Identity Taipei, Kendo Shop, Gospel, Lucky Bunch, Riverside, Mr. Shop, D.B. Clothing, NK Crew, Grimace, Mode Shop, Moustache, Corner, Goofy Skate Shop, T-Evoke, Yin Yuan Tang, BCS, Science, Overlord, Pay or Die, Tinhat, MQ.

South Korea: Black Swan, Antidote, The Bounce.

Singapore: Da'cave Clothing, Boards & Stuff, Alley.

Thailand: Sin Shop, Yeah, Outdoor Projects.

Malaysia: Krookz, Zones, Showroom, 108 Store.

Hong Kong: Nowhere, Doube-Park.

China: Battle Macau, 400ML. Store.

Indonesia: Wormhole Store, Penny, Distortion, Hiztory Store, Fourspeed Parlor, Glam Rock Shop, Swag Medan.

Us Versus Them

Graham, co-founder of Us Versus Them, stopped by R8DTLA to catch up. I was first introduced to UVT as a streetwear boutique located in Temecula, CA, that proudly carried REBEL8. But this was years ago, pre-2009, and as the economy receded so did their seasonal buys of REBEL8 and every other brand they stocked. UVT slowly began releasing products under their own name, Us Versus Them; creating the brand you now see available in stores worldwide. UVT, the boutique, eventually closed.

I find great interest in analyzing the path of Us Versus Them. As a boutique, they once gave us money and helped us stay in business. Today, as brand, they technically are our competition in doors and take money away from us. But thankfully, I don't see things so black and white. Us Versus Them is a solid bunch that has done an excellent job of surviving in both good and bad times. I live by the rule that there is no competition when you live on a creative plain. And because of that, I'm stoked for UVT and wish them nothing but continued success.

Be Street

Benny and his lady came through R8DTLA. Benny is the co-founder and publisher of Be Street, the French urban magazine. Next year, they are planning on moving their entire operation to Los Angeles from Paris! I guess they wanted to pick my brain on LA relocation.

The latest issue of Be Street.


A week ago I found a tagless kitten meowing under a car in the REBEL8 parking lot. An employee told me he saw the same cat a couple of days prior. So without hesitation I swooped up the little kitty and carried her into the warehouse while simultaneously placing a call to have food and litter delivered ASAP.

Instead of simply dropping her off at the pound, I thought it would be best to try and find her a loving home myself. I reached out to my 62,000 Instagram followers and within seconds there were hundreds of likes, dozens of comments, and quite a few emails pouring in, requesting that they be the new owners of Rebel.

And not before long, my little lady was in the hands of another. Safe & sound.

Happy Monday!


I really love 1729 (R8DTLA) both inside...

And out.

But what's even greater than the building itself, are the amazing people that come here daily to work hard. Brett is our customer service rep. His job is to make sure you are happy, above anything else. His passion for REBEL8 however, seems to carry him beyond his general job requirements. Brett has been sketching out his concept for the REBEL8 Pop-up Shop set to open end of year. Whether I decide to take a little or a lot from this drawing is not the point. Having a dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate staff is. And it is also, truly a blessing.

In November when our pop-up shop opens, I have a feeling it will be a little less pop and a lot more BOOM!


REBEL8's Fall collection is being released in four separate installments. The first drop is the A.C.A.B. capsule which is centered around Giant's "All Cops Are Bastards" illustration that he inked back in December of 2011. Yes, at times, we work that far ahead. Happy shopping!


My photographer friend, Matthew Reamer, cruised by R8DTLA to check out the new spot and catch up on life. I've been a fan of his work for awhile now and hope we can work together on a REBEL8 project in the near future.

As I was composing this blog post, peeping his online portfolios, seeing the awesome portraits, and bumming that I never got my photo taken, I then saw these two photographs. The photo of me was taken in Mendocino, CA a few years back and is still one of my favorites. I think the photo of Giant was for Dub Magazine, taken at R8HQ San Francisco. Thanks Reamer.

Fall 2013 1/4 goes live mañana!

Tres Coyotes

On the way home last night I saw three coyotes. Not sure what that means other than awesome, but being a tad dissatisfied with my own answer, I decided to do a little Google research. This is what I found in regards to the spiritual symbolism of the coyote. Believe it or not.

Coyote takes himself and everything in life so serious that this is possibly one message he could be bringing you right now. Perhaps you need to find the joy of innocence. Coyote could also be showing you of some illusion you have working up right now or perhaps you have fallen for someone's trickery and this is a sign to be aware of that possibility. Take a look at your life from a broader perspective and try and identify where this big cosmic joke that you are creating is coming from. Be careful you don't create unnecessary disaster in your life or be lead to disaster by another person. Let this power animal show you the light, or the truth - your 100% authentic self without your self-deceptions getting in the way. This trickery could be for a good reason! Understand that there is no victim in life, we create everything we experience. Laugh at yourself, don't take life so serious, find the joy. If you do this, you'll be receiving a good dose of coyote medicine.

Hollywood Forever

Went to check out Cinespia's movie night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The best thing about watching movies with dead people is that they don't talk or turn on their hella bright iPhones. Federal Duaz was in the cemetery.

So was real estate mogul Dev.

And by default, I guess so was Pollo Campero.

Hollywood Forever is the most beautiful cemetery I've been to.

In a city where it seldom isn't sunny.

Lady 8er.

Movie time.

Hope your weekend was long and relaxing. But now it's Monday. Time to get it!

Little Tokyo

Had dinner last night in Little Tokyo. Loved the view from the parking lot. It's never not sunny here.

The Japanese Village Plaza here in downtown LA brings me back to Japan. Straight up. Peep the randomly placed massage chairs plugged into a power strip.

"I have no legs."

Bomb ass food.

Happy Friday! See you Monday morning.

Slow Culture

Swung by Slow Culture, a new gallery in Highland Park.

Space Invader.

I went to check out The Present Past; the first solo photography exhibition from LA-based photographer and Strife frontman, Rick Rodney.

The Present Past.

Broken English & My Man.


The Choir.

Benjie (co-owner of Slow Culture, ex-head graphic designer of The Hundreds).

Mike Jones (head graphic designer of REBEL8).

Bobby Hundreds.

Slow Culture gallery is beautifully designed. They did a fantastic job of transforming the typical rectangle-shaped gallery space into a beautiful S-curve. And Rick Rodney's photography is quite impressive. The gallery and exhibit was well worth my time, and will be yours as well. Go check it out!

Slow Culture 5906 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042.

Rebel Cakes

Been kicking it a bunch with Johnny Cupcakes. We love sharing ideas and thinking of better ways to make our respective companies that much better. Our brands are a constant work in progress. Thank God I'm in love with the process as much as the end result.

Johnny adding a note on a surprise birthday box to our friend Travie McCoy.

Can't believe it's already Wednesday. These weeks just fly by when you're having fun.


Makeover Takeover

Yesterday, while I posted a video that showed where I was at a few years ago, The Hundreds, on their blog, posted a video of where I'm at today with REBEL8. Please take a moment to watch this.

Make sure to visit Bobby's blog to see a bunch of photos and well-written words about our makeover takeover of 1729. Here are a few photos I stole from them.

Behind REBEL8

In 2010, the talented folks at The Werehaus spent a few days with me at our old home, R8HQ. I wasn't exactly sure of what they were filming, but when the finished product, a focus on my role at REBEL8, hit Hypebeast some weeks later, I knew we were on the map. This video brings me back to some fun times we had in San Francisco; when both the city and the brand were quite different. Take a few minutes and check it out.


For the first time in ever, I've been able to have frequent face-to-face meetings with our international representatives. It wasn't that I didn't try to have these meetings prior to our relocation, it's just that it was always logistically impossible. Basically, no one visited us in SF. Now I can't get these guys out of my spot!

The international distributors we select to spread the 8 go through quite the screening. I have to personally meet each and every representative before I give the green light to sell REBEL8 in a foreign country. More times than not, that means prospects from around the world need to fly in to get the nod of approval. And truthfully, some times, even after a flight across the world, I say thanks but no thanks. I chalk it up to caring too much and ensuring that our sales team is loyal to the brand, not the money. Filip of Caliroots Distribution made the cut. 

And back in 2010, when Ante approached us to distribute REBEL8 in Sweden, so did he.

I promised I'd make him look kool on the blog.

If you don't already know, REBEL8 Wholesale is prebook only. Meaning, after your store is approved to carry the brand, you can only secure your product buy for a future delivery. So any store receiving Fall '13, placed their prebook order back in February. If you want to carry REBEL8 in your store(s), reach out to to prebook Spring '14. And to all you REBEL8ers, Fall '13 is literally in the building and shipping to stores across the globe shortly.

I love the view of our lounge from the warehouse. I love the world I built with R8DTLA, and it's not even done! And ultimately, after 10-years, I'm still madly in love with REBEL8.

Can't believe it's already Friday! Enjoy your weekend. See you on Monday. Thanks.

2:00 AM

With the major construction complete at R8DTLA, the rest of our 2013 drops scheduled, tours de Joshy finalizing, and the green light illuminated for our store build-out, I'm finally able to be social. Here are a few photos and words from a recent intimate gathering at Swingers Diner at 2:00 AM.

Greg Mishka and I have been friends for a few years now. I thoroughly enjoy our conversations via phone, but it's always nice to sit down face-to-face and catch up. Running your own brand is awesome in more ways than not, but there is always at least a little bit of bullshit that comes with it. Greg and I typically share our stories and mutually find solutions to our similar problems.

Kei helps run Johnny Cupcakes Los Angeles; a really kool dude that also happens to be a professional dodgeball player. You heard right. It's not just the game you played as a kid and later remembered when Ben Stiller battled Vince Vaughn in the 2004 hit movie. It's currently being considered as an Olympic sport. Foreground props to Lady V. Background props to Deb.

Johnny Cupcakes and I can sit for hours talking about our businesses, our customers and the industry as a whole. I cherish the times we meet in person every few months to bring each other up-to-date on what is happening in our respective lives, both personally and professionally. On nights like these, quite a few big ideas were discovered. 

Buff Monster rules.

Outside Swingers at 2:00 AM.

Have a great day! Shop our online store. Pre-order our skateboard deck. Buy the buttons & stickers. And smile for fuck's sake.


Here are some photos of my night at the Mishka LA store.

Skinner x Lamour Supreme.


Greg Mishka.

Johnny Cupcakes.

Deb and Les Artists.

The Weird.

Buff Monster.


And from outta nowhere came the magician, Fig.

When Johnny Cupcakes saw Fig, Johnny immediately morphed into Magic Boy and went in. I never witnessed a magic battle before, but I would describe it like a rap battle without the rapping. Not so simply, magic.

After a solid 30-minutes of dueling illusions, I think Johnny found a new friend.

And I'd guess, so did Fig.

Afterwards, things got weirder.

Much weirder.

Until tomorrow. Have a great day!


Johnny Ryan

Stopped by the Mishka LA store to check out some Chicks With Dicks?


Laying pipe.


And the man of the hour, Johnny Ryan.

Not sure how long Johnny's show will be up, but go check it out sooner than later.


I spent my last Friday night glued to my chair down in Long Beach for Agenda Emerge: a brand building conference featuring Marc Ecko, Bobby Hundreds, Jeff Staple, and Johnny Cupcakes. While there were plenty of one-liners, key points, and amusing ramblings over the 4-hour seminar, in my opinion, here are the 4 very-much-abbreviated lessons.

First on stage was Jeff Staple; owner of Staple and Reed Space. The takeaway from his speech was to do what makes you happy and pursue happiness above anything else. Secondly, was Johnny Cupcakes; owner of Johnny Cupcakes. When listening to Johnny, I'm constantly reminded of how important the customer experience is to a brand. Up third, was Bobby Hundreds; co-owner and creative director of The Hundreds. Bobby may not have coined the phrase "consistency consistently" but he sure practices it through his blog. For just over 10 years Bobby has blogged each and every single day. Lastly, was Marc Ecko; founder of Ecko Unltd, Complex, etc. He states that if you listen and abide by Biggie's 10 Crack Commandments you'll have mad bread to break up.

These are the lessons I took away from this conference. But my advice to anyone looking for advice, is to take what any body says with a grain of salt. It's always better to listen to a select few and extrapolate what you can and leave word is bond out of the equation.


I rolled through the Agenda trade show yesterday to say hi to some friends, eat some unhealthy food truck bites, and see what was what. Chris Broders, co-owner of Obey, is the person I seem to spend most of my time chatting up at trade shows. I shouldn't have to explain who or what Obey is, but if for some sick, sad reason you are not familiar, Google that shit. I am forever thankful for the guidance and support this dude has shown REBEL8. It has and still does mean the world to me.

Don Juncal, co-owner of Obey, is the smartest person in the room. Every time we sit down, I take notes, listen intently, and try to respond with another question that will unlock more gems. Whether he knows it or not, Don has played an integral part of how and where REBEL8 sits in stores across the world. I am amazed by his generosity of business insight and sales knowledge. He's pretty awesome for an old guy.

Pubes came into the Obey family through his brother Mikey T. (Obey's mens designer). Pubes and I enjoy shooting the shit at pizza parlors near you. To his right is our Senior Graphic Designer, Mike Jones. Mike came over from Mishka and his positive contribution to REBEL8 is already apparent. His first season won't hit the streets until this time next year.

Also ran into Benny Gold. I used to see Benny every week. I miss that. But it's awesome to see him keep pushing in SF. I'm sure he'll make the move to LA soon enough and we'll be ready to make him feel at home.

Deb Dot is always in the building. I see her in every city. Quite possibly the least jaded artist I have ever met. Always a pleasure.

Manny is one of today's best skateboarders, period. His PMA is contagious and I can't wait to see him more than twice a year now that I live in LA. Manny Slays All!

Probably the best booth.

I'm not shocked that Mike Giant is famous. I guess I'm just reminded of his fame when we can't walk longer than 5 feet without someone stopping him for a photo, autograph, handshake or high five. Or a fan that reminds him of tattoos he did years ago.

Sure, Giant has tattooed thousands of people. But in streetwear alone, he has tattooed Nicky Diamonds, Benny Gold, Chris Broders, Greg Mishka, and countless other big names. It's beyond rad. It's fucking unbelievable!

And Giant is and always will be, Giant. My number one homie, forever and ever.


Mass Appeal

I shot Giant's stairwell installation at R8DTLA and sent the photos over to Victor on the creative side to vectorize and lay out. I think it came out pretty sweet. Here is what our spread in the next Mass Appeal magazine looks like. Big thanks to Giant for hooking up another free ad for REBEL8!

Usugrow Poster

Right now Giant is signing the Usugrow prints: a limited edition 50/50 collaborative Giant x Usugrow 18" x 24" screenprinted poster. And by the time you are done scrolling or possibly just finishing this very sentence, they are most likely already sold out. You need to make sure you are following @REBEL8 on all social media.


Took a trip up to the Getty Center and of course it happened to be the first sunless day in LA history.

This is the photo I wanted to take.

But the view to my right overlooking the garden was not too shabby.

And it didn't get any worse once I actually made it into the garden.

Dream stream.

Really loved the use of rebar; transforming the bougainvillea into a tree.

I'm definitely going back when new exhibits open and the weather is back to beautiful.


By now you probably know we've moved to Los Angeles. But what you may not know is that we took over The Hundreds old building in Downtown LA. I invited Bobby, co-owner of The Hundreds, back to Wall Street to show him all that we've done with the place. To my great happiness, Bobby pulled up in his Delorean.

I first met Bobby in Vegas when he stopped by the REBEL8 booth and kindly introduced himself. It was the first time I heard of his brand, The Hundreds. See back in 2006 The Hundreds were not huge, but far from it. When the economy was kicking, I was introduced to a new face and new brand frequently. So when I met Bobby there were no added thoughts aside from a friendly face and an easy-to-remember name.

But fortunately every few months over the next years our paths did cross and our respective brands were not dying but actually thriving. And alongside the rest of the world, I watched The Hundreds climb sky high on the streetwear food chain. I can truthfully attest, they are now HUGE. Our brief meetings always felt like an equal balance of two friends catching up and two business owners seeing eye-to-eye mixed with some laughing and a bit more sighing.

And as quickly as he arrived, he left at the same speed, a constant 88 MPH.

Thanks for stopping by dude.


Yesterday got busy. In a great way. Bobby Hundreds came through to peep his old stomping grounds, grab a bite, and shoot the shit.

Ollie Magazine stopped by to photo us for an upcoming issue.

I got lost in social media for a bit.

Then skated across the warehouse to our photo studio to meet up with Dylan to shoot some Summer immediates.

And now it's Friday! I might drop some new products this weekend. If they don't sell out immediately, you'll see them available Monday.

California Originals

Our Summer immediates photoshoot is this afternoon. An assortment of new products should be up online and available to buy Monday. This is not our Fall '13 collection; just another online exclusive drop to keep things hot. Stay tuned!


I remember years ago sitting in class watching the time pass, just thinking about doing something else. Sure, thoughts of girls and partying would enter my mind recklessly with no apologies, but there were always repetitive, restless thoughts of figuring out a way to live my life exactly the way I wanted. I've always been a daydreamer. I've thought of some pretty amazing shit while simply daydreaming. However, thoughts are merely thoughts. Same goes for ideas. You can have the greatest idea ever, but if you don't do anything with it, it will only remain just the greatest idea ever.

Although I never graduated college, I thoroughly enjoyed quite a few classes. What I loved about community college was that I could try a ton of different courses - similar to a smorgasbord. While I disliked science, slept through art history, and despised math, I greatly excelled in business and ultimately [at the Academy of Art], advertising. The biggest take-away from my advertising classes is that branding is everything and nothing short of that.

As you know I started REBEL8 with $500. It's not a lot of money to start a business today, nor was it back in 2003. From the jump I needed to be as consistent as possible with my branding: I couldn't afford errors and had no time for mistakes. Due to lack of money I chose black and white as our consistent colors. See, printing solely black ink on paper or a t-shirt is as cheap as it gets, and vice versa with white.

Here is the original sketch Giant gave me in 2003; it now hangs framed in my office. The stylized REBEL8 became our first word mark. Also, this drawing became our first print ad in Juxtapoz magazine. It was one of the first and only times we ever paid for advertising.

In the end of 2005 I recall sitting at our Magic trade show booth in Vegas wanting a symbol for the brand. I'm sure I had similar thoughts months, maybe years before, but I vividly remember the ah-ha moment taking place in beautiful Las Vegas. As I flipped through the latest designs I noticed a tiny little stylized 8 on the tongue of a roller skate graphic. I pointed to it and immediately asked Giant where he got that. And what became a common response for Giant over the next decade was that he just thought of it. I followed up with an instant request for him to draw it straight with no angle. Days later, back in SF I received an email attachment with the drawing. For a week I mirrored angles, inner-shapes, and made various tweaks in Illustrator. The result was our official and everlasting logo that brands all of our products today. The original word mark was soon put to rest.

Since discovering our 8 logo we've tried to no avail to figure out a way to attach the word REBEL8 to it. For years we've been using what internally we call the "cholo font" logo below the 8. You probably own quite a few pieces with the inner-label having this design. Recently I haven't been feeling this word mark. Personally, I feel it looks too typecast. What I love about the name REBEL8 is that prior to me starting this company there was no meaning or preconceived notion of what REBEL8 is. I feel the same goes for our 8 logo. Sure, on legal papers it is stated, "the mark consists of a stylized number 8 with a diamond inside the lower half of the number 8. Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark," but most importantly, once again, our logo is open to interpretation. It is a symbol that did not exist previously to us: we defined what the 8 logo means and stands for.

So here we are today; halfway through 2013 and halfway done designing 2014. This is the next chapter of REBEL8 branding.

I can't thank you enough for your continued support. Spread the 8!

Show Out

Years past we outsourced sales and paid monthly fees to share a showroom with an array of brands. It's not necessarily a bad look to outsource, or for this matter share, but if you could do it all in-house, independently, go for it!

For those of you that may not be privy to what a showroom is, in the most basic terms, it's a room used to display goods for sale. In streetwear/fashion, it typically is a place where store owners and buyers, as well as stylists, come to shop for their stores/clients. Primarily for our purposes, this room is to showcase our future seasons and take prebook orders. This is phase 2 of our private showroom in our building.

Custom REBEL8 hangers made in the USA sitting on a custom 3-piece 10-foot-long conference table made in LA.

The other half of the showroom.

Here is the Fall 2013 catalog that was sent to stockists months ago to prebook sales and soon will begin shipping out of our warehouse. Fall '13 is broken up into 2 deliveries: the first drops worldwide in July and the second in August.

Disciples of The Eight. Forever.

Unfortunately, due to our move, we will not be in attendance at the next Agenda Long Beach. However, we would still love to see you. If you own a shop or buy for one, please reach out to to schedule an appointment to preview the rest of 2013, Spring 2014 and come get a tour of R8DTLA! Lunch is on me.

Clock Building

I started REBEL8 with $500 on March 24, 2003 when I screenprinted a few dozen t-shirts in San Francisco. Until 2007 I worked by myself and handled everything except literally drawing the graphics: I kept my head down, put in that work and seldom looked up. I couldn't even tell you what any other brand was doing back then. I think it was in those early years that REBEL8 had little to no influence from the outside world.

Aside from getting my first employee, in 2007 we also grew from releasing 2 collections a year, to 4 seasonal drops. For the next few years after, my staff of only 3 kept cranking and I kept pushing. Regrettably, it wasn't until 2011 when we finally did our first anniversary capsule, "8 Fucking Years". It was a smashing success. On March 24, 2013 when I reminded the world we were 10 years old, I received tens of thousands of comments, likes, and congrats; I knew we had to do something. Here is a tiny preview of our 10 year anniversary capsule, "Clock Building, Not Time Telling," scheduled to release exclusively online at late-September. Stay tuned!


Went to lunch today with Joey Hafner (Diamond Supply Co.). I've known Joey since way back when I ran REBEL8 out of my 833 Divisadero studio apartment in San Francisco. Joey was the barkeep two-doors down at 821 Bar. I used to trade him tees for beers. Now that is bartering!

A few years ago Joey moved to LA to work for Diamond. From a warehouse guy to the manager, Joey now holds the prestigious title of Operations Manager. We caught up at one of LA's oldest restaurants, Philippe's; inventor of the French Dip sandwich.

The horseradish sauce is to die for.

Not sure much has changed since 1908 when Philippe Mathieu opened this establishment at 300 N. Alameda Ave. And that's a good thing!

Jesus Christ was in the building.

This dude ordered 2 sandwiches with sides, and destroyed it.

I did the best I could. I'm on this new diet called starvation.

Happy Friday! See y'all Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

Jack of Eights

Another sneak peek of a future project.

Los Ochos Locos

Here is a quick little look at another Rebel Eight Skateboards release coming soon. Please read my original post "Rebel Eight Skateboards" if you have not already.


The weather in Southern California is unbeatable. When I'm not in the office, I'm outside soaking up rays, cold kickin' it at BBQs and most importantly, swimming with my friends. Here are a few photos by Dylan Bartolini-Volk; all shot using a disposable film camera. This is Summer.

King of Eights

Working on a project that won't see the light of day until later this year. And I just happen to be the king. Here is the original sketch from Giant.


Have a killer July 4! Celebrate safely. Don't drink and drive. You might spill your drink.


It's been a few months since we moved down to LA. I can now actually take a moment to reflect on the overall experience and sigh aloud with relief. Process for me is everything. I thoroughly enjoy every step of product development from first proto from our vendors to final delivery to your house. But honestly, I do not enjoy the process of moving. Moving sucks. A few times I shook my head questioning my sanity on making a decision that resulted in countless sleepless nights and stress-filled days.

But it's now July (today is actually my birthday), we are halfway through 2013, and 4 months settled into our new digs. As I craft this blog in my private office, with an engaged career-focused staff almost double the size of our SF operation, working feverishly scattered across our own building that is sextuple (that means six, I had to Google it) the size with a full kitchen, lounge, art gallery, showroom, photo studio, creative and operational wings, a server room, two-stories, 5 bathrooms, 2 loading docks, 3 shipping stations and the cleanest most pristine warehouse shelving the world has ever seen, well, I acknowledge two things. Firstly, my life does not suck and secondly, the move was well worth it.

We grew to be the biggest fish in a small pond called San Francisco. And there is nothing wrong with that. I'm stoked we accomplished that! And back in 2003 when I started this brand, that was my goal. But its 2013 and I have new goals; big hairy audacious goals. And now we are once again a millionfish (it's another name for guppy - I also Googled that) in the biggest fashion ocean on Earth, Los Angeles. It's time for us to once again rise above and do it HUGE.

I thank you for your continued support and trust that I know exactly what I'm doing and that I'm making the best possible moves and decisions for the brand we all hold so close and dear to our hearts. We got this! Spread the 8.

This is a photo I took of Mike on Hollywood Blvd. last night.

Rebel Eight Skateboards

Skateboarding is as much a part of our credible history as graffiti and tattoo art. Although I very seldom skate these days, my life for well over a decade revolved around skateboarding. Skateboarding is the only other anything that I did consistently for 10 years besides REBEL8. I don't even think I consistently went to school for 10 years.

Mike Giant's history with skateboarding goes deeper. He not only skated daily [from 1984-1998], but also worked in the industry. He actually dropped out of college and moved from Albuquerque to San Francisco in 1993 for a graphic job at Think Skateboards. Over the 4 years at Think, Giant single-handedly created hundreds and hundreds of graphics. In the 2000s he did deck graphics, mostly as series, for Krooked, Think, and most popularly, the Santa Cruz legends series. Giant still makes his way to skate parks when he can, but on busy days like today, he's okay just riding a few blocks to work.

Rebel Eight Skateboards is our attempt to give something back to skateboarding. Although not opposed, we don't plan on having a team, taking out ad space in Thrasher, or going toe-to-toe with any other skateboard company. Holding true to our core, the point of Rebel Eight Skateboards is to release unique products to the world. Mike Giant made a decision years ago to exclusively draw for REBEL8. Rebel Eight Skateboards is the only source for his original art on skateboards and skate-related products & accessories. 

Stay tuned. Rebel Eight Skateboards is coming.


Went to Ironlak Los Angeles this weekend to check out the Conart show. Ironlak Los Angeles is the Australian aerosol companies premiere flagship store. Conart claims to be the first street art streetwear brand in the world, started in Los Angeles in 1989. I vividly remember their clothing back before I was a teenager.

These works in particular really caught my eye.

As did they for Giant.

Caught up with Ryan, one of the owners (Bob is the second and not pictured) of Ironlak Los Angeles. We rapped out about graffiti, streetwear, business, friendships, life goals, etc. Its rad to know the owners are not only knowledgable about the products they sell but equally passionate and credible about what they do and who they represent. 

During my conversation with Ryan I couldn't help but notice this original film photo booth right behind him.

Less than 10 left in LA, this is the real deal.

And on the way out Giant got hit up to sign another few dozen autographs.

REBEL8 is proudly available at Ironlak Los Angeles.

Out of Step

In 2007, Ross Cottingham reached out to me with a contagious enthusiasm for streetwear, REBEL8, and punk rock. He presented his newly established company, Out of Step, and after preliminary conversations, I gave him exclusive distribution of REBEL8 in the United Kingdom.  Like REBEL8, Out of Step has grown from a one-person-business to a fully staffed enterprise. Back in '07 I ran REBEL8 out of our first warehouse all by myself. It wasn't until later that same year that I hired my first employee. I literally would wear one of those 1-800-DENTIST headphones and make sales calls as I shipped orders. I became a master of all trades and completely blurred the lines of job titles, roles and responsibilities. And Ross did the same.

Always a pleasure. Safe travels my friend.

Stay Hungry

Prior to Instagram, showing your food on the web was pretty unique. I remember quite a few blog posts I did years back revolved around just that: my daily intake of epic meals. Truthfully speaking, I miss those days. Hell, I miss a lot of things about yesteryears. But for whatever its worth, here was what I ate for lunch yesterday. Santee Falafel is the bomb.


With a selection of the best Summer graphics and some new originals, REBEL8 Womens is now back in action! It's been a long time since we gave our Lady 8ers some love. This drop is only the beginning. You can view all REBEL8 Womens by clicking here, or visiting our online shop.

Thanks to Dylan Bartolini-Volk for the photos.

Jae Bueno

I first met Jae back in the Summer of 2010 for our Return Of The Lost Angels event on Melrose. He was one of the few photographers allowed to document the event. And he did a fantastic job. In conversations since then I learned his personality matched his photography; vibrant, well-composed, steady and consistent. Really bummed to hear about his passing just earlier today. Blessings and prayers to you and yours.

Here are Jae's photos from Return Of The Lost Angels. A few have never been released until now.

Rest in paradise Jae Bueno. Thank you.


I've been using Canon cameras since the very first Digital Elph; and to greatly date myself, that was many, many years ago. I'm not sure if Canon is actually better than Nikon, Sony, etc., but I stick to what has worked previously, resulting in what I trust. On top of that, generally speaking, I've always been a brand loyalist. With this elevated new site and a renewed commitment to blog daily, I wanted a camera of equal stature. I chose the 6D so my wonderful photos would mirror my whimsical words. Thanks to Dylan Bartolini-Volk for the shots.


I shot Rachel Harris the other day in our warehouse. That was fun.

REBEL8 Womens is dropping online very soon. I'd visit the site daily (hint-hint).

Jesus Walks

As you may have noticed, I'm a few weeks into daily blogging. They say if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. I guess blogging be my habit. Now it's just a matter of getting my voice back and making each post count. Here are a few tees I saw hanging in Atwater Village.


Giant lives a very different life from most people in America and other countries throughout the world with GDPs in the gazillions. He does not, nor wants or plans to, own/drive an automobile. For decades he has preferred and exclusively used a bicycle as his mode of transportation. It's not that Giant can't drive. I once visited him in Albuquerque in '07 and he definitely pushed an OG Toyota mini-truck. Naturally for the time I stayed with him, it was only used once; to load two track bikes in the back of it, drive to the highest point in Burque, to then bomb down. Don't remember how we got back to the truck though (stoners). But nonetheless,  he can drive.

When it comes to technology Giant buys only what he needs and refuses to buy anything over necessity. He doesn't have a Gateway 2000 or any bullshit like that. He uses his Mac laptop daily, but he doesn't buy into the notion that when Apple drops a new product all predecessors go bad and stop working. Personally, I've had every iPhone ever and make sure I get that new shit the day before it drops. Then again, it's a tool for me and the cost is minimal in comparison to the revenue it generates through my usage. But we all have ways of justifying our purchases, don't we?

Although it feels like the day hell froze over, I am happy to announce that Giant joined Instagram. You can follow him at @giantrebel8. I hope you are already following me (@REBEL8).

Protected By

I've always, for some very odd reason, been intrigued by gates, fences, barbed and razor wire. I'm not sure if it was my vivid imagination of what was hidden on the other side that kept me so fascinated, or how safe I would feel being protected by such a barrier. I think its actually an equal mix of both. I could expand further on this and speak through metaphors or attempt to connect emotional strings to my childhood as a psychologist may, but instead, I'll let the photos speak and the words I've already written be the beginning and the end.


Aaron Levant and I met online via email well over a decade ago when he frequented my old website, HiFiArt. But after HiFiArt went offline in the infant stages of the 2000s, our communication ceased. We reconnected in 2007 when I was I introduced to the founder of Agenda Trade Show, who just happened to be, Aaron Levant. With consistent hard work and a refuse-to-lose attitude, Aaron has positively created the best streetwear and action sports tradeshow the world has ever known. He’s come a long way from the kid who would simply hit me on email. I’m stoked for his success, to say the least. It’s rad to be able to work with someone so knowledgeable of our industry, and equally passionate about branding and business. Aaron, you rule. Kudos.

I first met Cody DeBacker, Director of Sales & Partnerships at Agenda Trade Show, back in 2010 when inside sales weren’t doing enough business and we needed help. I reached out to 722 Figueroa Showroom and Cody answered. Although we parted ways a year later when I decided to bring sales back in-house, Cody and I kept in touch and remained friends. Last year, Cody joined Agenda and we’re back doing business together. It’s awesome to see him doing so well in both his work and personal life.

I met these two guys at two different times in two distinct places, and today, we are in the same spot at the same damn time. From the outside, this industry may seem huge, but in reality it’s quite small. And in a world built with smoke and mirrors, it’s comforting to know a few good people are actually doing amazing things. Cody and Aaron happen to be two of them.

It was a pleasure having Agenda visit the new REBEL8. And when I say the “new” REBEL8, I mean it in every sense of the word. 10 years after our first t-shirt, the next 10 will be just as monumental and just as influential. Day-by-day, blog-by-blog, drop-after-drop, season-after-season, you will see our continuing transformation and relentless push to be the greatest. Welcome to the new and improved us. Thank you for your continued support!


Some times there is smog in LA. On a bad day, it can look like this.

But if you just invert the colors, it's all blue skies.

Smile. It's Friday! I'll see you next Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

The Originals

Spending some time today going through Giant's stash of his originals; selecting which ones will make it into the frames and onto the walls.

Mike Giant x Dave Kinsey.

Mike Giant x Usugrow.

From our current Summer collection [available in our online shop], this is the original "Sewer King" illustration. I got the inspiration for this graphic when I was walking in Uppsala, Sweden and happened to look down at a manhole cover.

More inspiration.

Another original from this season [also available in our online shop], "Goo Block". I love seeing how our designers took this black & white drawing and added so much pop. You gotta peep the t-shirt and the tank.

Love the texture this one creates. And yet, in reality, like all of these originals, it's just Sharpie on paper.

"Capsized" is one of my favorite REBEL8 graphics that dropped last [Spring] season.

And lastly, here is a little spoiler-alert of our next [Fall] season.

It's the little sweet things that make originals so special.

Have a great rest of your day!


Most likely you've seen at least one of Stanley Kubrick's films: The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Full Metal Jacket. He was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, and editor who did most of his work as an expatriate in the United Kingdom. He is regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and in my opinion, his work also stands the test of time. Here are a few photos of the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA.


Big thanks to Proper Barbershop for hosting/modeling our Summer 2013 Lookbook.

Return Of The Lost Angels

Only in the past week has R8DTLA started feeling like home: the construction is finally over, furniture is in place, and I can now focus on what really matters, building the REBEL8 brand. Over these next weeks I will pull back the curtain and show you our new HQ.

My office just needs this art on the wall and it will be complete. On the bottom left, is the original drawing for our first logo and first print advertisement. It ran as  1/4 page in a few issues of Juxtapoz magazine back in '04 I think. It was pretty much the first and last time we ever paid for advertising space. Peeking out from behind that, with the top hat, is a print my friend Tim Armstrong did that was given to me by Poster Child Prints. And to the right is the original illustration for our LA party and capsule collection Return Of The Lost Angels from a few years back. It only seems right to hang that one up now that we are running all operations out of Los Angeles.

Tools Of The Trade

Took a tour of one of our factories here in LA yesterday. It's nice being so close to where your product is being manufactured.

These two got me on the popular page of Instagram a few weeks back.

Giant is still working on his wall.

Tools of the trade.

And quite possibly the most important tool of all.

Legalize it! Until next Monday.


Hope you've been feeling our new website and had the time to click on shit. We are still tweaking it constantly, but it is definitely an upgrade from the previous. I hate being a technology lagger, and I am always pushing our designers, whether it be web or graphic, to push harder. The new delivers: try it on your mobile, try it on the biggest screen you can get your hands on.

I got the chance to present the site to Giant yesterday. It reminded me of how it was when he lived in Burque and I in San Francisco. We'd meet up in Vegas for the trade shows every 6-months where in our shared hotel room I'd present the new collection. Naturally he knew the illustrations, but until that very moment, he didn't see how I put them on clothing. This website has been in the works since our crash last Black Friday. I told you a few days after going offline through Cyber Monday that I would get us a better website. And although I've been seeing the progression over these months, Giant is first seeing this website, like you, right now. He loves it. I hope you do too.

Started From The Bottom

Giant has been working hours on his stairwell installation for the new REBEL8 offices. I compiled a list of all our seasonal phrases and a few other key words and passed it off. It's rad to see years of collection names all written out. At over 20' feet high and covering three full walls, when you visit R8DTLA you'll be immersed in Giant's hand styles on the way to the 2nd floor. Yes, we have a 2nd floor. And yes, we've come a very long way to get here.

Keep Pushing

After 10 years of REBEL8, Mike and I are finally working in the same building. It's quite surreal and totally awesome. Ya know, every day of my life I wake up blessed and happy to be doing exactly what I want to be doing. Over a decade ago, Giant gave me a chance to live my dream and I've never stopped living it. He gave me an opportunity to create my own successes and dictate my own future. I will always be indebted to him. And that is just fine by me. To 10 more, homie!

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